TPP & TTIP – what if…?

The absolute secrecy concerning the two US conglomerate driven ‘trade partnerships’ ought to have every democratically inclined plebian marching to their parliament or house of representatives. But no, the public are drowned out and too stupid to care.

It suddenly occurs to me, as we sit on the knife edge of the next global financial crisis, that perhaps the reason for the secrecy is that these ‘trade partnerships’ are in fact global agreements concerning either the Great Reset or the launch of the Global One World Currency (or both events).

The politicians will have been bought and paid for in advance. The corporations have written the legislation. The spyware was put in place with Windows 10 last year.

We know the fix has to be in, perhaps this is it!?




TPP Final Table of Contents




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US-Japan Bilateral Outcomes

Jewish American lady spills the beans on what life is like in Palestine under israel’s brutal occupation

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Why US and Israel wants to ban this video 

This nice Jewish American speaks truth about her experience in occupied Palestine… It will make you cry…

Anna Baltzer, “Life in Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories & Photos” produced by Chun Pan.
Learn more or purchase at:

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Guardian sells space to war-profiteers to promote war


by Kit


It seems like all I do these days is skim through the “about” pages of an endless list of NGOs with countless varieties of the same name, looking for the same half-a-dozen funds, endowments, organisations, slogans, mottos and buzzwords that always appear. It’s got to the point where it’s simply a matter of ticking off the items on a shopping list.

The National Endowment for Democracy…check.
The International Monetary Fund…check.
George Soros…check.

It’s always the same. It has come to the point where, if the “Our Partners” section of an organization with a vaguely benign-sounding name, along the lines of Middle East Fund for Democracy and Liberty or somethingorother, DIDN’T contain a reference to George Soros’ Open Society Foundation or the World Bank…I just wouldn’t be able to contain my shock.

Checking up on the sources and organisations behind this opinion piece on the Guardian yesterday morning (September…

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Doctors Claim Birth Defects Caused By Pesticides, Not Zika Virus


Doctors claim that the addition of a toxic pesticide to Brazil's drinking water is to blame for the increase in birth defects - not the Zika virus.

Argentinian and Brazilian doctors claim that the addition of a toxic pesticide to Brazil’s drinking water is to blame for the increase in birth defects – not the Zika virus. According to doctors, Zika virus scaremongering is being used to cover up one of the worst mass poisonings in history.

With 2014’s Ebola panic all but forgotten, many Americans are now in a frenzy over the spread of the Zika virus. The Zika virus, and the media-driven panic of its spread, began in late 2015 following widespread birth deformations in Brazil, which were quickly linked to Zika.

The link between Zika and microcephaly, the most striking birth defect allegedly caused by the virus, was largely based on a scientific paper by A.S. Oliveira Melo that found Zika in the amniotic fluids and other tissues in two cases.


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Published on Sep 23, 2016

Sub for more: | Kit Daniels for Infowars reports The mainstream media is already preparing for a Hillary defeat in November. ESPN’s Nate Silver, who famously – and wrongly – declared Donald Trumphad little chance of winning the GOP nomination, is now warming up to the possibility that Trump will win the presidential election.

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Top NSA Official: Spy Grid is the World Government Takeover Plan

Nwo Report

Former NSA technical director warns of global surveillance grid


The endgame of the National Security Agency is to obtain total information awareness on a global scale, NSA whistleblower and former technical director William Binney said on the Alex Jones Show Thursday.

After being questioned on the larger plan of the national security state as a whole, Binney, who worked at the NSA for more than 36-years, revealed his belief that the agency’s goal of total population control would lead to the creation of a global surveillance apparatus.

“Certainly it is population control, but not just of any given country – but of the world,” the whistleblower said. “And so what they’re after, and I think Obama has stated this from various points, that he wanted a ‘world community,’ so I think that’s probably what they’re after.”

“And in order to do that they need to be able to control the…

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