Bibi’s vulgarity: Using the Paris shooting to justify Israeli colonialism

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netanyahu22Making Israel the focal point of his message of condolence was crass and vulgar. Sure, he correctly stated that the Charlie Hebdo massacre was an attack on the values of Western civilization, but he was wrong in assuming that Israel is a shining beacon of that civilization.

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Cameron– ‘Russia not fit to be part of international financial system’


Comedy Duo Cameroon and Nuttyahoo competing in the ‘Serious Face’ competition, after Cameron with his unpayable deficit joked about huge Russian trade surplus. Isn’t the truth of this that the BRICS have already left the Anglo-American debt-based economy and an initiated alternative international banking system, coincidentally just before the shooting down of MH17 and subsequent blame-a-thon?

Pound drops as figures reveal ‘unsustainable’ current account deficit

ONS data reveal “fragilities” behind UK economic growth

A broken union jack piggy bank

Samuel Tombs at Capital Economics said that despite the bleak figures, there were reasons to be optimistic that the UK will grow more robustly in 2015 Photo: PA

Sterling dropped against the dollar on Tuesday after new figures showed growth was 0.7 percentage points weaker between the second quarter of 2013 and second quarter of 2014 than previously thought.

While the final estimate of third quarter GDP growth remained unchanged at 0.7pc, the year-on-year figure fell from 3pc to 2.6pc due to downward revisions to growth in each of the five previous quarters.

Meanwhile, the UK’s current account deficit widened to £27bn, around 6pc of GDP, in the third quarter.

Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics revealed that income from the UK’s foreign investments dropped in the third quarter of the year, exacerbated by an increase in cash flowing out of the UK to foreign investors.

This widened the current account deficit from £24.3bn to £27bn in the quarter.

The news sent the pound down to $1.555, having opened at $1.559.

Nick Kern, chief economist at the British Chambers of Commerce, warned that the current account deficit had reached an “unsustainably high level”.

“Although the economy continues to grow, the recovery is not yet secure and further efforts are needed to boost business investment and to help businesses export to foreign markets,” he said.

ONS data also showed a growing chasm between household spending and business investment. While household spending growth was revised up to 0.9pc for the third quarter, the fall in business investment was sharply downgraded to a 1.4pc contraction, compared with an earlier estimate of a 0.7pc decline.

Samuel Tombs, UK economist at Capital Economics, said the figures highlighted the “fragilities” in the UK recovery.

Still, he said there were still “reasons to be optimistic” on the outlook for 2015, with the sharp fall in the oil price and strengthening pay growth helping real incomes increase.

He added: “The strength of corporate surveys and firms’ balance sheets suggests that the recovery in business investment still has further to run. And now that sterling has stopped appreciating, net trade should hopefully be a less significant brake of overall growth. For now, then, we continue to think that GDP is on course to grow by a solid 3pc in 2015.”

Current account balances as percentage of GDP. Source: ONS

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LUBITZa320As the Lubitz thing sounds increasingly conclusive, the evidence behind the conclusion looks increasingly flakey.

His girlfriend says he was planning something massive by which he’d be remembered. But she isn’t identified, her name ‘Maria’ is a not her real one….and the story’s in Bild. “It didn’t make much sense at the time, but now it does” she claims. Her boyfriend was a pilot and planning something horrific…but it didn’t make sense? Well, right then. But hold this thought: she told Bild, “He would wake in the night screaming ‘we’re going down, we’re going down’”.

The sick note looks odder and odder. While the German prosecutor followed his French colleague by mouthing off to the media yesterday about Lubitz “hiding his depression from his employer and colleagues”, the Dusseldorf Polizei contradicted their employer by refusing to say what the sick notes were about (or why Andreas had been to a…

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WOW! Night Vision Eye Drops Let You See Up To 50m In Darkness [VIDEO]


Published on Mar 27, 2015

It might sound like something straight out of Q’s laboratory or the latest Marvel film but a group of scientists in California have successfully created eye drops that temporarily enable night vision.

Science for the Masses, an independent “citizen science” organisation that operates from the city of Tehacapi, theorised that Chlorin e6 (Ce6), a natural molecule that can be created from algae and other green plants, could enhance eyesight in dark environments.

The molecule is found in some deep sea fish, forms the basis of some cancer therapies and has been previously prescribed intravenously for night blindness.

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U.S. Now Providing Lethal Aid To Ukraine, Major Offensive Soon To Follow!?

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  • Published on Mar 27, 2015
    Greek deposits flow out of Greek banks, lowest in 10 years. Homelessness soars in UK. GDP final at 2.2%, the boost to GDP was Obamacare. NY Post reports that the stock market is rigged. US concerned about China’s banking system security, the can’t get through the encryption. Russian’s payment system will produce cards in December. Turkey continually takes freedoms away from their people. Kiev now receiving Bradley tanks from the US. Kiev bringing heavy artillery up to the contact line. New declassified report shows Israel has nuclear weapons. Airstrikes from Saudi Arabia/US continue against the Yemen people. Assad says US-coalition forces really not going after the terrorism in Syria.


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Beyond Denial: Preparations For Martial law In America [VIDEO]


Published on Mar 28, 2015

The establishment media’s reaction to the upcoming Jade Helm military exercise has characterized concerns about the drill as being founded in nothing more than “right-wing paranoia,” but the exhaustive history of how the federal government and the U.S. Army have made preparations for martial law in America is beyond denial. The federal government and the U.S. Army have been readying for domestic unrest for decades, and preparations are accelerating exponentially.

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U.S. Ships 50 Bradley APCs to Ukraine: Europeans Are Furious!

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Bradley_Tanks_travelling_to_Ukraine_from_Austria Bradley APCs.

  • Pictures are of the Bradley APC not the M1A1/2 Abrams main battle tank. (The picture of the M1A1 Abrams tank is bottom of post for comparison.) If the report that the US is shipping about 50 Bradley APCs to Ukraine is TRUE, war with Russia is imminent!
  • U.S. Ships 50Abrams Bradley Tanks to Ukraine: Europeans Are Furious! 
    by Eric Zuesse, , 26 March 2015
    Apparently, Obama, though he says he hasn’t made up his mind about whether to send weapons to Ukraine, actually has and is. He now seems to be quietly trashing the spirit though no provision in the Minsk II truce that was arranged by Merkel, Hollande, Putin, and Poroshenko, and signed by the OSCE, Russia, Ukraine, and both of the rebelling former parts of Ukraine, the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic. Obama now appears to be sending heavy…

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Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke Says Gays, remarried Catholics, murderers are all the same


Does he have an opinion about paedophile priests?



cardinal burke


When Pope Francis moved U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke last year out of a senior post in the Vatican to a largely ceremonial role as head of a Rome-based Catholic charity, many viewed it as a way to sideline one of the pontiff’s most outspoken critics on the right.

But the move hasn’t silenced Burke, who served as the St. Louis archbishop from his installation in 2004 until 2008.

The American cardinal told an interviewer that gay couples and divorced and remarried Catholics who were trying to live good and faithful lives were still like “the person who murders someone and yet is kind to other people.”

“If you are living publicly in a state of mortal sin there isn’t any good act that you can perform that justifies that situation: The person remains in grave sin,” Burke said in an interview published Tuesday with LifeSiteNews, a U.S.-based web…

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