Myra Ling-Ling Forde (above) ran a brothel, the Oriental Massage Parlour, just a mile away from where Edward Heath had his home in Salisbury.
Myra, a Filipino, supplied young boys to Edward Heath, reportedly.
In the early 1990s it is alleged she had a prosecution dropped after threatening to expose Sir Edward as a child abuser.
In 1995, Myra was convicted of running a brothel full of underage kids.
In 2009 she was once again arrested on suspicion of running a brothel.

Myra’s sister, Mia Pablico, says Myra “knew a lot of politicians”.

Yuri Geller with former UK prime minister Edward Heath.

Some people believe that the security services are involved in both running child abuse rings for the politicians and organising mind control of the politicians.

Sir Edward Heath is being investigated by four different police forces, including Jersey police.
More victims have come forward to name Heath as an abuser.
According to Exaro News one ‘credible’ victim called ‘Nick’ has already met with police and claimed he was abused by Heath ‘multiple times’. 
In the 1980’s, Heath was named in a child abuse dossier compiled by former government minister Barbara Castle, which included information on Heath offering weekend trips for boys from Jersey on his yacht.

Police Special Branch officers seized the file from Don Hale, editor of her local paper, the Bury Messenger.

It is believed that Special Branch have been protecting the Westminster child abuse ring.

An American reporter, Leah McGrath Goodman from Newsweek, says she was kicked out of Britain after investigating claims of child abuse by Heath.
Leah McGrath Goodman says: ‘Ted Heath … would take children from care homes for a ride on the yacht and it was reported that some never came back.’

Neil Carmichael (left)
Among those supporting the Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation are:
Sir Peter Bottomley MP, Baroness Virginia Bottomley, Neil Carmichael MP, Lord Peter Hennessy, Charles Kennedy MP, Lord Peter Mandelson and Keith Vaz MP.

The Friends of Arundells .

In 1970, Prime Minister Edward Heath (above) made Lord Victor Rothschild the head of the UK government’s Central Policy Review Staff.

While at university, Edward Heath may have been recruited by MI6, which was heavily influenced by Lord Victor Rothschild.

“In 1937, Edward Heath met Hermann Göring, Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler at an SS cocktail party.”

Edward Heath.

TWO police investigations into child sex rings were reportedly shut down after it became clear that Edward Heath was involved.

Sir Edward Heath child abuse claims – Daily Mirror

It has been reported that Edward Heath was spotted at a house in north London where men were abusing children.

A former detective who worked on the case says that the whole investigation was halted after it became known that Heath was part of the abuse ring.

Sir Edward Heath child abuse claims – Daily Mirror

A 64-year-old man says “Heath picked him up in a Jaguar car on the A2 road near Welling, Kent, before taking him to a Park Lane apartment and sexually assaulting him.”
“Heath raped the 12-year-old boy after picking him up. The youngster had run away from home.”
A woman, believed to have been arrested for running a brothel that supplied young boys, told detectives she would stand up in court and reveal lurid details of Heath’s perverted sex life if she was ever charged with any offence.

Sir Edward Heath child abuse claims – Daily Mirror

Apparently Heath kept a young male friend at his home in Hampshire.

Jeremy Norman relates that “A curious and unexplained character greeted us at the front door. A young, educated, oriental man, who seemed to be a close friend and confidant (of Heath).

“He was clearly not an employee, as he stayed with us during our chat as though he were a friend.


Brian Coleman, a member of the London Assembly, wrote that Heath had been warned by police to stop seeking out sex with boys in public toilets.

Police in the UK have announced:

“Sir Edward Heath has been named in relation to offences concerning children.

“He lived in Salisbury for many years and we would like to hear from anyone who has any relevant information that may assist us in our enquiries or anyone who believes they may have been a victim.”

Sir Edward Heath named in child sex abuse investigation / Former British PM Heath caught up in child sex abuse claim

Former UK prime minister Edward Heath.

We once saw Edward Heath’s Rolls Royce parked outside a large hall where Heath was making a speech.

Sitting alone in the back of the Rolls Royce was a handsome young boy.

Graham Chapman (right)

Graham Chapman, of Monty Python, claimed that he slept with the UK prime minister, Edward Heath.

While filming Monty Python And The Holy Grail in Scotland, Chapman announced to the clientele of a pub that the former prime minister Edward Heath was homosexual, and that Chapman had slept with him.


Former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath (left) meets Peter Jaconelli. Peter Jaconelli, a well connected UK Conservative politician, was reportedly part of a child abuse ring in Scarborough, Whitby, and the surrounding area.

Reportedly, Heath was warned on 4 occasions by the head of the Metropolitan police not to loiter in London’s lavatories and not to try to pick up young boys.

Ted Heath ‘stopped cottaging for gay sex to protect his career’. / Heath warned about gay sex trysts – Telegraph

(We do not necessarily agree with everything Shrimpton says)

Reportedly, boys from the Kincora children’s home were “being taken to big country houses to be used by public figures, including Lord Mountbatten, the former head of MI6 Maurice Oldfield, and Edward Heath.”

Lobster’s Ramsay on Paedophile Panics – Rigorous Intuition

‘Going “up the Heath” is a bit of a rite of passage for many gay men.’

I go with gay strangers.

It has been alleged that Sir Edward Heath, the prime minister from 1970-74, visited the Jersey care home Haute de la Garenne and used to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht called ‘Morning Cloud’…

“The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Savile.

“He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys on board Heath’s yacht the morning cloud when they were at party conference.

“Allegedly Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse.”

[2011 Sept] The Wheel of Fortune By T Stokes


Edward Heath had a home in Salisbury in Wiltshire, next to Hampshire.

Hampshire is linked to child abuse and MI6.

The police have been protecting the child abusers?

“In the Hampshire police area, 63 high profile and protected names were removed (from a list) by officers serving in Operation Danforth, Hampshire Constabulary’s response to Operation Ore (child pornography investigation).”
There have been many allegations of a large child abuse ring, involving top people, in the Portsmouth/Hampshire area.

Police announced on 25 February 2008 that they were investigating claims that the Jerseychild abuse case was linked to abuse at the Children’s Cottage Home in Portsmouth in Hampshire.

Policed reopen Hampshire child home investigation

Fort Monckton, adjacent to Portsmouth, is used for the training of MI6 agents.

(Sacked spy’s blog takes on MI6).

The late Michael Colvin MP, friend of Prince Charles. Colvin died in a mysterious fire at his home in Hampshire.
Connected to Hampshire are a number of top Conservatives – Derek Laud, Julian Lewis, Ian Greer and Michael Colvin.

Michael Colvin was “associated closely with Julian Lewis who is said to be involved with a number of international right wing ‘covert’ groups linked with high finance, and arms dealing.

“Colvin was also associated with two allegedly corrupt and discredited former Parliamentary Lobbyists, Ian Greer (cash for questions) and Derek Laud.

Sex Offenders / ARE IN POSITIONS OF POWER / Derek_Laud (Cash for Knighthoods aka Cash for Rentboys).

The Bryn Estyn home in Wrexham in Clwyd was the scene of child abuse 

“During a major scandal around the abuse of children in care in Bryn Estyn, both Laud and Greer’s names were mentioned by alleged victims in connection with organised sexual abuse involving VIP’s including, allegedly, members of the UK Government.”

During that scandal a fire in Hove, near Brighton, killed five alleged victims of abuse.

Many people believe the fire was deliberately set.

“With the five young people who died was a Health Visitor from Hampshire where Laud has a home and where Colvin lived.”


Michael Colvin died at a fire in his magnificent Hampshire home.

“He had been speaking to Derek Laud days, if not hours, previously.

“There have been many allegations that Hampshire County Council, through the influence of Derek Laud and his friend Julian Lewis, is a central player in a national paedophile ring supplying young boys from care systems to VIP’s.

“The Crest hotel in Wrexham and an Hotel on Hove seafront have specifically been mentioned…

“It has been alleged that officials and councillors in a number of local authorities may be receiving payments for identifying ‘appropriate’ young people in care and introducing them to the ring…”

Former Leader of Hampshire Council and Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Freddie Emery Wallis was convicted in 2001 of molesting young boys.

David Cameron’s friend Derek Laud, who allegedly he pimped his classmates to wealthy and influential adults while still at school. 

Scallywag alleged that Derek Laud was a sadist, who was particularly violent and without mercy in his treatment of boys.
The magazine alleged that on regular occasions his victims would end up in casualty wards.
He was a leading political fixer and adviser to Margaret Thatcher

Diana Princess of Wales opposed the whole culture to which Laud aligns himself and challenged arms dealing with which Julian Lewis is closely linked.

“Deceased investigative journalist Simon Regan challenged both Laud and Lewis frequently and died ‘after a short illness’ soon after his final tirade against Laud and Lewis.

“The alleged victims of VIP abuse who died in the fire in Palmeira Avenue Hove in 1991 had also linked Laud, Lewis, and Greer, to the circumstances of the abuse they said they had suffered in care.”

Michael Portillo, former UK Defence Minister, resigned as the result of a homosexual incident.

Michael PortilloPeter LilleyIan Hamilton, and other Thatcherite politicians of the 1980’s were all associated with Laud and Lewis.

“All were alleged to have been guests at paedophile parties in London at which boys from care in a number of local authorities, including North Wales, Shropshire,Hampshire, Dorset, Brighton and Hove and others, were allegedly ‘ferried in’ with the co-operation of social workers to provide sexual entertainments for the guests.

“It has also been alleged that Portillo freuqently took ‘kinky holidays’ in North Africa with his friend Derek Laud.

“Portillo insists that Laud was a guest on these holidays of him and his wife, but it has been alleged that hotel records do not confirm that Portillo’s wife was there at all.

“Finally there have been specific allegations that the main aim of this ring is not to provide jollies for kinky MP’s and others, but to exert influence over them in their work by blackmail.”


Cosham’s Children’s Cottage Homes in Portsmouth, across the water from Jersey, is at the centre of a child abuse scandal.

Two former child residents of Cosham’s Children’s Cottage Homes claim children were taken from their dormitories during the night and disappeared.

Reg Tugatt, 59, a former resident of Cosham’s Children’s Cottage Homes says he saw ‘suspicious holes dug’.

Reg has given police a map showing holes dug in the vicinity of Cosham’s Children’s Cottage Homes – in a wood and near an orchard.

Reg said he was taken into care at the home in 1956, aged eight, and stayed there for three years.

A spokeswoman for Hampshire Police said: ‘We have no plans to dig up any sites in Portsmouth and continue to hold the position that there are no links between allegations made in reference to the Children’s Cottage Homes in Cosham and the ongoing investigation in Jersey.’

Les Cummings, 63, is campaigning for an apology from Portsmouth City Council for the abuse he claims to have at the hands of his foster father and at the Children’s Cottage Homes.
A total of 21 men and women told detectives they suffered physical and sexual abuse as children at Children’s Cottage Homes.
A 78-year-old woman from Devon was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault but when police passed the file to Crown Prosecution Service lawyers they decided there was not enough evidence to charge her.
Les Cummings went to police to ask them to look again at their earlier investigation into the claims of 21 men and women.
The Crown Prosecution Service examined allegations against the centre but decided not to prosecute.
Both Reg and Les claim that a number of children were taken from their dormitories during the night and disappeared.
In 2001, former Mayor of Portsmouth Freddie Emery-Wallis, ‘was jailed for nine months after he was found guilty on five counts of indecent assault against two teenage boys.’
There have been allegations of a large child abuse ring, involving top people, in the Portsmouth area
Police announced on 25 February 2008 that they were investigating claims that the Jersey case was linked to abuse at the Children’s Cottage Home in Portsmouth.
Fort Monckton, near Portsmouth is reportedly used for the training of MI6 recruits.
Gordon Rideout.

Canon Gordon Rideout was chaplain  on a military base in Middle Wallop, Hampshire, in the UK.
In the 1970s Canon Gordon Rideout was taken to a military court on child sex-abuse charges.
He was cleared by the military hearing.

Rideout was cleared of three indecent assaults by a court martial in 1972. One of Rideout’s victims, June Potter said: “We went out of our way to write statements and everything. I gave them names.”

Canon Gordon Rideout went on to sexually abuse young girls and boys across the south of England.

Rideout was chairman of governors at St Mary’s special school in Bexhill until 2009.

Vincent S. aged 10 yrs, from Grafton Children’s Home, was taken to Elm Guest House (above) and to a house in Bexhill.

Reportedly, pedophile rings use children’s care homes throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

Elm Guest House in London, reportedly used by a man responsible for supervising the UK security service MI5.




Multi-millionaire entertainer Cilla Black, who died on 1 August 2015. 

Cilla Black was called the Fifth Beatle.

In 2003, Cilla Black’s son was held at knifepoint in a £1million raid on Cilla’s £2million home in Denham, Bucks, in the UK.

An armed gang held a hunting knife to the throat of Cilla Black’s youngest son as they stole jewels, cash and gold worth more than £1million.

Cilla Black “has a £1.5million penthouse in London and a £400,000 apartment in Barbados.”


Cilla’s friend and manager Brian Epstein died aged 32.

Cilla’s manager and husband Bobby Willis (above) died aged 57.

Cilla’s friend Robin Gibb died aged 62.

Above we see Cilla.

Above we see Cilla Black, once the highest paid woman on UK TV.

Cilla Black spoke out about her fear of staying in her Spanish villa alone, after it was damaged by a fire in July 2014.

On 2 August 2015, Spanish police confirmed today that Cilla had died at her Spanish home in Estepona on the Costa del Sol.

Cilla Black previously admitted she was ‘frightened’.

Cilla Black (above) died on 1 August 2015, aged 72.

Cilla Black was a friend of Sir Cliff Richard.

Cilla Black (above) is ‘Positive’ Cliff Richard Is Innocent

Cilla was a friend of Sir Jimmy Savile.

Cilla was a friend of Margaret Thatcher.

Singer Cilla Black “was a staunch supporter of the UK’s Conservative Party during the 1980s and publicly voiced her admiration of Margaret Thatcher, stating in 1993 that Thatcher “put the Great into Great Britain”.[32]

“In April 1992 she appeared on stage at a Conservative Party rally and made prominent calls for the party’s re-election under the leadership of John Major.”[33]

Lord Rothschild and Sir John Madejski

In 2004, Sir John Madejski was often seen with Cilla Black, and there were rumours of romance.

Madejski was born Robert John Hurst, in Stoke-on-Trent, as a result of a wartime fling.
Robert was initially placed with a foster family and then put into a children’s home.
Robert’s mother later married a Polish Second World War airman, Zygmunt Madejski.
Robert eventually went to live with them and adopted his stepfather’s surname of Madejski.

Robert John Madejski became a businessman, with commercial interests spanning property, broadcast media, hotels, restaurants, publishing and football.

Robert John Madejski is  Chancellor of the University of Reading and Deputy Lieutenant of Berkshire.

Lionel Blair, Cilla Black, Joe Loss and Billy J Kramer. The Cafe de Paris

Billy J Kramer.

Sir Edward Heath: The Filipino brothel keeper who sparked child sex abuse inquiry

Sir Edward Heath: The Filipino brothel keeper who sparked child sex abuse inquiry

Myra Ling-Ling Forde is alleged to have had prosecution dropped after threatening to expose former Prime Minister as a paedophile

Myra Ling-Ling Forde and Sir Edward Heath

Myra Ling-Ling Forde and Sir Edward Heath Photo: PA

The woman at the centre of the Sir Edward Heath child abuse storm can be revealed as a Filipino prostitute, who ran a brothel just a mile from the late Prime Minister’s former home in Salisbury.

Myra Ling-Ling Forde, 67, has twice been jailed for operating as a madam out of her terraced property in the Wiltshire town where Sir Edward made his home after leaving office.

But in the early 1990s it is alleged she had a prosecution dropped after threatening to expose Sir Edward as a paedophile.

Sir Edward Heath at the Conservative Party Conference, 1990 (Rex)

A retired senior detective from the force came forward last year to allege that his colleagues quietly dropped a trial against twice married Forde in order to protect the reputation of the former Tory leader.

That allegation is now the subject of an Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigation, but Wiltshire Police have also appealed for any potential victims of Sir Edward to come forward.

Sources close to the investigation confirmed that Forde was the person who had made the original allegations against Sir Edward.


Despite claims that she had used threats against Sir Edward to avoid prosecution in the early 1990s, she was successfully convicted in 1995 of running a brothel full of underage girls from her Salisbury property.

A court heard how she trained runaway children as call girls, often picking up youngsters who were in the care system.

Sir Edward Heath pictured in 1981 (Getty)

Winchester Crown Court heard how one 13-year-old girl would go straight from school to the brothel, which was advertised as The Oriental Massage Parlour, where she would sell her body to clients.

Another 15-year-old told the authorities how she had sex with five men at once and lost count of the number of times she sold herself for sex while under Forde’s control.

The court heard that Forde became a prostitute herself in the early 1990s after falling behind on her mortgage repayments, but she denied recruiting youngsters for the trade.

Sir Edward Heath and Lady Thatcher at the Conservative Party Conference (Reuters)

After getting out of prison, she returned home to Meadow Road in Salisbury, but then in 2009 was once again arrested on suspicion of running a brothel.

She was caught when neighbours in the quiet, respectable street complained about her activities.

In December 2009 she pleaded guilty to inciting prostitution and perverting the course of justice and was sentenced to five years in prison. She was also ordered to pay back £25,000 under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Sir Edward Heath takes tea in the garden of his home in Salisbury, 1989 (Reuters)

Speaking from her home in London Forde’s sister, Mia Pablico, said she did not know where she was now living, but said she “knew a lot of politicians”.

Asked if she ever mentioned the name Ted Heath, she said: “That’s not for me to say. You’d have to ask her.”

She added: “I know what she did in Salisbury and she knew a lot of politicians and celebrities because of it.”

It is understood Forde moved out of her Kilburn home a couple of weeks ago because the block of flats is about to be demolished. Until recently, she had been dog sitting.

Edward Heath at his flat in Albany, London, 1969 (PA)

Allegations against Sir Edward, including claims that he raped a 12-year-old boy in London in the 1960s are now being investigated by the Metropolitan Police.

Jersey Police have also confirmed that the former Prime Minister’s name has been linked to its investigation into abuse at the Haut de la Garenne.

From humble origins to high office

Sir Edward Heath
July 1916
A future Prime Minister is born
Edward Heath is born in Broadstairs, Kent. The son of a carpenter he wins an organ scholarship to study at Balliol College, Oxford.
February 1950
Parliament beckons
He is elected as Conservative MP for Bexley in Kent.
October 1959
First government job

Heath with Harold MacMillan, left, in 1963 (PA)
Heath is given his first government job, as Minister for Labour in Harold Macmillan’s cabinet.
July 1965
Promoted to party leader
Following defeat the previous year, Sir Edward Heath is elected leader of the Conservative Party and at 49 becomes its youngest ever leader.
March 1966
PM post eludes Heath
The Tories lose the general election to Harold Wilson’s Labour party, but Sir Edward remains in post as leader.
June 1970
Heath is Prime Minister
Heath is appointed Prime Minister after winning a 30 seat majority for the Tories.
October 1971
Common Market win
Wins a referendum to take Britain into the Common Market.
October 1974
Heath loses to Labour

Polling his vote in the 1974 General Election (Camera Press)
The Heath administration is dogged by industrial strife and rising violence in Northern Ireland and after a Spring election results in a hung parliament and Autumn vote sees Labour win a narrow victory.
February 1975
Heath refuses to serve under Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher is elected leader of the Conservative Party and Sir Edward returns to the backbenches after declining to serve under her.
Paedophile accusations

With Jimmy Savile in 1980 (PA)
A criminal trial is allegedly halted after the defendant threatens to expose Sir Edward as a paedophile. According to a whistleblower, who was serving with the force at the time, senior officers quietly dropped the case in order to protect the former Prime Minister.
October 2000
Sir Edward retires
After 51-years as an MP, including more than quarter of a century on the backbenches, Sir Edward retires and moves full time to his home next to Salisbury Cathedral, from where he indulges in his passion for sailing and music.
July 2005
Former PM dies
Following a period of ill health, Sir Edward dies of pneumonia aged 89 at his home, Arundells, which is subsequently preserved as a tribute to his life and political work.
August 2015
Police appeal for victims
Wiltshire Police announces is appealing for anyone who was a victim of child abuse at the hands of Sir Edward Heath to come forward.

The former Tory leader, who rose from humble origins to the highest office in the land, is now at the centre of five separate police investigations.

As well as the probe by the Wiltshire Force, Kent Police, where he was an MP for more than 50-years said they were looking at allegations against him, dating back to the 1960s.

The States of Jersey Police (SoJP) also confirmed the former Prime Minister featured in Operation Whistle, an inquiry in to alleged historical abuse on the island, which also involves Jimmy Savile.

While the Metropolitan Police refused to comment, it is understood Sir Edward is being looked at as part of Operation Midland, a Scotland Yard inquiry into claims a VIP paedophile ring operated in the 1970s and 1980s.

Meanwhile a man claimed he was raped at the age of 12 by the former PM.

The alleged victim, now aged in his 60s, has claimed he reported being sexually assaulted by the Conservative MP in 1961 but was branded “a liar and a fantasist”.

In another development a man, named only as Nick to protect his identity, told the Exaro website, that Heath was one of a number of prominent men who abused him when he was a child.

He claimed he was regularly abused by a group of VIPs who operated out of the Dolphin Square apartment complex close to the Houses of Parliament.

He said: “For me personally, it is a relief to see finally Edward Heath’s name mentioned publicly. As a core member of the group of men that hurt me and others, it is important that his name is out there now and I hope that it will encourage others to come forward.”

Meanwhile the Wiltshire Force, which on Monday had appealed for any potential victims to come forward, said it had received a steady stream of calls during the day and they were working to establish the credibility of a number of allegations.

But friends and former colleagues of Sir Edward attacked the way his memory was being besmirched, without the existence of hard evidence.

The Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation said: “We wholeheartedly believe will clear Sir Edward’s name and we will co-operate fully with the police in their inquiries.”

Former Conservative MP Brian Binley, who worked in Sir Edward’s office for a period of time, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I find it very difficult to believe from the Ted Heath that I knew.

“There are many unanswered questions here and I don’t think it would be right and fair to jump to conclusions about a man who served his country with dignity and with care, who was a considerable intellect, loved his music.

“We must be very careful. It’s easy to smear people not around.”

Sir Edward, who led the Conservative government between 1970 and 1974, never married and was famously reticent about his private life.

He died in 2005 aged 89.

Shame on UK for Sham Litvinenko Trial

Originally posted on Aletho News:

By William DUNKERLEY | Oriental Review | Aug 3, 2015

What started off as a massive fabrication in 2006 just received a great boost from a complicit British government. The mysterious polonium death of reputed former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko is the focus.

An inexplicably long series of official UK hearings on this nearly 9 year old case has just concluded. That’s prompted a new flurry of sensational media reports.

A recent Daily Mail headline reads “Putin ‘personally ordered Litvinenko’s murder.’” The Irish Independent said, “Vladimir Putin should be held responsible for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.” BBC reported, “Vladimir Putin ‘ordered killing’, Litvinenko [official UK] inquiry hears.

They support a premise that’s been around since the beginning. It implicates Russian president Vladimir Putin in the yet-to-be explained death.

You might think that reliable evidence has been presented to back up all the accusations…

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Do The Math: Global War On Terror Has Killed 4 Million Muslims Or More

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By Nafeez Ahmed | MintPress | August 3, 2015

118554WASHINGTON — A study released earlier this year revealed the shocking death toll of the United States’s “War on Terror” since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but the true body count could be even higher.

Published in March by Physicians for Social Responsibility, the study, conducted by a team that included some Nobel Prize winners, determined that at least 1.3 million people have died as a result of war since Sept.11, 2001, but the real figure might be as high as two million. The study was an attempt to “close the gaps” in existing research, including studies like the Iraq Body Count,” which puts the number of violent deaths in that country at about 219,000 since 2003, based on media reports of the time period.

Investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed, writing in April for Middle East Eye, explained some…

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Edward Heath: file in missing dossier identifies his PIE ‘interest’


Barbara Castle was not a Social Democrat. She was Labour her entire life!

Originally posted on UndercoverInfo:

Edward Heath with Jimmy Savile

For some years allegations had circulated that the late Tory prime minister Edward Heath had been involved with the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). Yesterday the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) announced that it would be investigating a possible cover-up by Wiltshire Police re complaints made against the former prime minster of sexual abuse. Today it was reported that a man alleged he was raped by Mr Heath when he was 12 years old. It is known as fact that Heath visited the Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland, the subject of ongoing investigation into child sex abuse (involving MI5, Ulster Unionist paramilitaries, etc). There was also the scandal involving a boys home on the Channel Islands – again a home that Heath regularly visited, together with Jimmy Savile, the entertainer who has been recognised as a serial paedophile offender. Now it has emerged that…

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