Corinthians chapters 5-11, Paul exposes all of the immorality that was occurring in the church at Corinth. These include sexual immorality, issues of marriage, and lawsuits with other believers. “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God” (6:9). Paul warns believers to be careful how you live, “For you have been bought with a price” (vs 20)

Gay Britain: what do the statistics say?

How many people in the UK are gay, lesbian or bisexual? The Office for National Statistics reckons it’s 1.5% while the Kinsey report says it’s 10%. Who’s right?

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Supreme court rulings boost gay marriage

We’ve got the numbers on sexuality in the UK but are they reliable? Photograph: David Poller/Corbis

For every 100 people in Britain, just 1 will identify themselves as gay or lesbian according to the latest government statistics. The numbers (which include gender, location and age) may come as a surprise – but why?

1.5% of the UK?

In its ‘Integrated Household Survey’, the Office for National Statistics asks 178,197 people about their sexual identity – and the vast majority of them choose to answer.

93.5% of people said they were ‘heterosexual’ or ‘straight’, just 1.1% said they were ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ and 0.4% said they were bisexual. The small fraction that was left either refused to answer or said they didn’t know. Altogether, amounts to about 545,000 homosexual and 220,000 bisexual adults in the UK.

The claim that just 1.5% of people in Britain are gay, lesbian or bisexual will come as a surprise to some – even perhaps those in government. When they were analysing the financial implications of the new Civil Partnerships Act, the Treasury estimated it was 6%. Stonewall, a gay rights charity reckon that 5-7% “is a reasonable estimate”.

10% of the US?

Do those figures seem low? One reason they might is that the number one in ten has long-persisted in popular culture as a reliable guesstimate of homosexuality rates. That number made its way into public assumptions and poor press reporting through the Kinsey Reports, two books written by a zoologist at Indiana University – Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (written in 1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female(1953).

Though the reports broke long-held taboos on reporting about sexual orientation, the methodology used by Kinsey quickly came under strong criticism for being extremely unreliable. Soon after it was published, statisticians from the American Statistical Association claimed “a random selection of three people would have been better than a group of 300 chosen by Mr. Kinsey“.

And yet, many people estimate even higher numbers than Kinsey himself did. In 2011, a Gallup poll asked over 1,000 adults across the US “what % of Americans today would you say are gay or lesbian?”. On average, respondents guessed that 1 in 4 Americans were.

Fascinatingly, Democrats guessed a higher % of Americans were gay than Republicans did (28% compared to 20%) and higher estimates were also given by lower-income Americans, less educated individuals, young people and women. So we know lots of people get it wrong, what do the latest statistics say?

Gay men outnumber gay women?

While 1.5% of men in the UK say they’re gay, only 0.7% of women say the same. But that trend is reversed when it comes to the identity ‘bisexual’ – 0.3% of men select this, compared to 0.5% of women. Slightly more women than men say ‘don’t know’ or refuse to answer the question – 3.8% compared to 3.5% of men.

Gay capital?

The percentage of Britons saying they’re gay, lesbian or bisexual is far higher in London than anywhere else in the UK – 2.5% compared to just 1.1% in Northern Ireland and 1% in the East of England.


Those aged between 16 and 24 were by far the most likely to say they were gay, lesbian or bisexual – 2.7% of them did – a proportion that steadily declines as you inch up the age scale.

One possible explanation

The more detailed breakdown of responses is revealing – it points to a potential problem with the survey. Maybe the huge differences between people’s estimates about the size of the gay population and their responses about their own sexual identification is about more than just bad guesses. Maybe it reveals the extent to which taboos persist (particularly for older people and those living in more conservative parts of the country) so individuals remain reluctant to tell the truth – a reluctance that manifests itself in under-estimates about personal sexual identity and over-estimates about other people’s.

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Here is Question 327 from the long-abandoned (Roman Catholic) ‘Penny Catechism‘.
Which are the four sins crying to heaven for vengeance?
The four sins crying to heaven for vengeance are:
1. Willful murder (Genesis 4)
2. The sin of Sodom (Genesis 18)
3. Oppression of the poor (Exodus 2)
4. Defrauding labourers of their wages (James 5)

As Catholic schoolchildren, we worked our way through this little book in R. I. (Religious Instruction) lessons back in the early 1960’s. As a basis for discussion it had a lot going for it. The book made it very clear what we were expected to think and therefore it was pretty straightforward, even as pre-teens, to formulate questions or challenges to its contents.

I can remember reading 327, being puzzled by ‘No. 2’ and having more sense than to ask my rather lovely female teacher what it meant. Here was a sin that was too grim to even describe in plain English.

In Dante’s ‘Inferno’ there was a specific region in the Seventh circle of hell populated by those whose sin was ‘violence against nature’. In this place poor Sodomites, Blasphemers and Usurers were left naked on burning sand with fire raining down on them from unnatural clouds.


How the world has changed since the Middle Ages.

How it has changed over the last 50 years.

The Holy Sacrament of Marriage must now embrace sodomy.

Homofascists Silenced Gay Dissident John McKellar

July 3, 2013

a99_mckellar.jpg(left. McKellar in 1998. Lefties who support “gay rights” never ask why all big banks and corporations are promoting it.) 

For six-years, 1997-2003, John McKellar, a Canadian homosexual, represented a voice of sanity.  As the founder of Homosexuals Opposed to Pride Extremism, he was a tireless critic of the Illuminati bankers’ heterophophic agenda.

Now he and his organization are gone. I don’t know what happened but when I read this, I understand why:

from 1999

He said that in the gay lifestyle,”Compulsive, anonymous sex in bathrooms and parks is much more common than the media want to admit.”

McKellar described the gay bathhouse as “dirty, with a stench of amyl nitrate and human feces. Amyl nitrate was snorted to get a longer lasting erection, and anal sex was going on all the time, with or without condoms. Some men would hang out in the bathhouse all night and have sex with up to six different partners. It was animalistic.”

McKellar stated that the gay community sees it as necessary to “get the children when they are young to make gay positive recruits, even if they don’t necessarily become gay themselves. This is why they want homosexuality and all its perversions taught to the children at the earliest possible age.”

McKellar believed that the majority of homosexuals are not supportive of the pedophile agenda.

McKellar says he feels the most sorry for transsexuals. “They, more than anyone else, are the most neurotic, into drugs, alcohol, and prostitution, as they are totally messed up about their sexuality.”

As for tax-funded sex change operations, he says, “I don’t believe in a lot of gay medicine; it’s more mutilation than medicine. The gay community is more well-funded than any else; it should pay for its own elective procedures.”

McKellar believes it is possible to heal the homosexual condition. He admits that he still struggles and has some failures, but decided to leave the “official” gay scene as “it was too risky and the relationships were always a dead end. ”

He says reparative therapy is helpful and necessary in helping some gay men and lesbians out of the lifestyle. More attention should be given to the benefits and success stories associated with reparative therapy, he believes, while maintaining that self-control and discipline are necessary virtues in anyone’s battle to take control of their sexuality.

McKellar formed Homosexuals Opposed to Pride Extremism in 1997 in response to what he calls “the pink triangle brigade.” This is a reference to militant homosexuals who would like to impose all of the above-mentioned behaviours on the rest of the country.

When asked if his organization condemns all homosexual activity as morally wrong, McKellar says, “No, I do not get into those personal issues. I get into the political issues. People can decide for themselves on the moral issues.”

When asked where he stands personally on the morality of homosexual acts, he says that he would prefer to keep people, especially in the homosexual community guessing, “so that they will never know where I am coming from.”

In 1999, HOPE was locked into a battle with the Ontario Human Rights Commission after it was a co-signatory to an April 18, 1998 full-page ad by Ken Campbell in the Globe and Mail, decrying the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling in the Alberta Vriend decision.  Source

If you don’t swing with the Sodomites, you’re nowheresville on the A-list.”
Camille Paglia 

by John McKellar
(from Aug 2003, Abridged by henrymakow.com)


The ‘choice and diversity’ crowd would do well to read the gay press, which has long been replete with articles, editorials and letters lambasting the whole idea of same-sex nuptials.

Clearly, a substantial majority of us neither need nor want gay marriage. Lesbian authors, Jane Rule and Camille Paglia, drag queen, Sky Gilbert and the late pioneer activist, Harry Hay are among the numerous prominent opponents of this forced parity.

We neither need nor want the state in our bedrooms. We neither need nor want to be shackled by rules, regulations or paperwork. We’ve already won the same-sex benefits battle, so there’s no longer concern over matters of pensions or estates. Let the straights keep marriage. We need to be liberated from the mainstream, homogeneous, egalitarian mindset that is destroying what is left of gay culture.


Even the January 14, 2001 gay wedding spectacle at Toronto’s Metropolitan Community Church, left, although treated as the social event of the season by a delirious media circus, was shunned and scoffed at by the gay community. Better to stay at home and clean out the fridge when your public image is so embarrassingly represented by such maudlin specimens of martyrdom, who fancy themselves as pioneers and revolutionaries, but who simply reinforce every prejudice against us.

As an openly gay male, I have no problem conceding that heterosexuality is and will always be the great human norm. But I have no time for the modern, feel-good, pop-culture mentality that facilely equates homosexuality with heterosexuality and asks no deep questions about human psychology beyond the the superficial liberal-vs-conservative, freedom-vs-oppression dichotomy. And I have even less time for the insatiable demands and infantile caterwauling of my radical brothers and sisters who want to make the whole world their closet.

So, I formed HOPE (Homosexuals Opposed to Pride Extremism) in 1997 to a) expose the lies, myths, distortions and propaganda of modern gay activism, b) deconstruct the oppression and victimology politics, c) give a credible voice to happy, successful and independent gays and lesbians who don’t wake up every day finding “hate, bigotry and discrimination” under the bed and who don’t go running to the courts, the governments or the human rights commissions for a lifetime of therapeutic preferences.


Most Canadians believe that gays and lesbians should be able to pursue any brand of consensual sex as we see fit and form whatever relationships that make us happy. But I’m sick and tired of the activist mantra that my dignity and my relationships are devalued because the state will not codify same-sex marriage. And I’m not so insecure and so selfish to demand that marriage be redefined for everyone else.

Marriage is not an arbitrary convention and is not meant to change with the times. We’re not talking about music, fashion or art. We’re talking about an institution whose four prohibitions – you can only marry one person at a time, only someone of the opposite sex, never someone beneath a certain age, and not a close blood relative – have been grounded in morality and in law for millennia (the highlighting etc is mine – RJ). Humankind yearns for these stabilizing factors in our kaleidoscopic world and if we abandon these standards, then everything becomes legal and everything becomes moral. If gay marriages are permitted (a prerogative of the most decadent Roman emperors), why not polygamy? Why not brother and sister or parent and child?

Gay activists and their ever-willing accomplices in the media, relentlessly drive through our skulls that homosexuality is “not a choice”, because no one would choose to be gay in a homophobic society. Firstly, there is an element of choice in all behavior, sexual or otherwise. Secondly, despite public fanfare and trendy hypotheses, there is no conclusive scientific evidence as to the biological, genetic, psychological and sociological influences on sexual orientation. The modern change in opinion concerning homosexuality, though presented as a scientific advance, is contradicted rather than supported by science. It is a transformation of public morals consistent with widespread abandonment of the Judeo-Christian ethics upon which our civilization is based. Though hailed as “progress”, it is really a reversion to ancient pagan practices supported by a counter-culture restatement of gnostic moral relativism.

It is well documented that long term relationships and fidelity are extremely rare in the gay world. From Hollywood Boy Parties to Fire Island, from Gay Pride to Gay Games, homosexual men are relentlessly searching for “Mecca” – even if it’s just for a weekend. Even at the Annual Global Conference on AIDS, the nightlife is more noteworthy than the daytime activities. Every night the discos are packed with gay doctors, nurses, activists and researchers shamelessly cruising one another. Likewise, the bathhouses do land-office business. In spite of the solemnity and tragedy in dealing dealing with a wasteful and fatal disease, the hedonistic, promiscuous, sex-carnival atmosphere never lets up.

Recently, Xtra, Canada’s gay and lesbian bi-weekly, ran a feature entitled “How to Stay Married and Still Be a Slut”, which, at first glance, seems satirical, but which is actually a serious guideline on how to have one’s cake and eat it too.

Gay activism has always been naive in its belligerent confidence that “homophobia” will disappear with massive and forced education of the benighted. But such relentless indoctrination cannot be achieved without fascist obliteration of all freedoms. And since freedom always trumps diversity and tolerance, you can rest assured that any perceived threat to freedom will result in a societal backlash which will guarantee oppression of all homosexuals. Gay males, especially, are forever on the edge of a precipice, because in a political cataclysm we are always the first to be purged.

No gay or lesbian, surrounded overwhelmingly by heterosexuals, will feel at home in his or her sexual and emotional world, even in the most tolerant of cultures.  At a young age we learn the rituals of deceit, impersonation and appearance, and anyone who believes political, social or even cultural revolution will change this fundamentally is denying reality. The unhappy truth is that male homosexuality will never be fully accepted by the heterosexual majority, who are obeying the dictates not of “bigoted” society or religion, but of procreative nature.

Yet this desperation deepens our artistic insight and allows us to create civilization. Undoubtedly, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Tchaikovsky, Somerset Maugham, Gore Vidal, et al experienced hardship and alienation. But look what they gave to the world. Look how they advanced the cultural heritage. They were too cultivated, creative and cosmopolitan to be concerned with the trivialities of sexual pride, queer studies or diversity. One of them glorified God and Church by painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, despite the Vatican’s unequivocal denunciation of homosexuality.


By far, the scariest and most insidious corollary to same-sex marriage is same-sex adoption (already legal in some jurisdictions). This is blatant child abuse. Children need a biological mother and father. We know this is not always possible, even in the context of opposite-sex marriage, but we don’t solve the problem or alleviate the inconsistency by augmenting it. Children are not meant to be guinea pigs for social engineering experiments. Self-interested partisans will manufacture statistics to support their specious claims that children of gay marriages fare as well as those of traditional families. But the phenomenon of same-sex parenting doesn’t have the longevity needed for such conclusive evidence, whereas the experience of single-parent families has not always, but often shown detriment to the development of the offspring.

When society allows men to marry men and women to marry women, it perpetuates the alienation of the sexes and contributes to the ever-increasing crisis in the sex roles. Before Stonewall, gays and lesbians mixed socially and in the clubs with a pretty good understanding of and appreciation for one another. But as gay liberation took hold, gay males, feeling ebullient from their new-found freedom, descended into a bacchanalia of narcissism and promiscuity. Segregated bars, orgy rooms and bathhouses exploded in number and luxury. Strange parasitic diseases soon began appearing, and by 1981, a “gay cancer” was identified as AIDS. We must honestly admit that even gay men’s attempt to create a world without women failed catastrophically.

Unfortunately, most people’s sense of history begins the day they were born…  Whenever humankind fails to protect time-honored political, moral and social institutions, whenever humankind attempts to embrace pride as a virtue and mainstream behavior that contravenes natural law, and whenever humankind becomes arrogant, autonomous, egalitarian, nihilistic and foolish, civilization fails – always and without exception. So, here we are repeating the cycle and getting ready to crash and burn one more time.

Marcos (Brazil) said (July 4, 2013):

There is a project for a law in Brazil (PLC122) that will criminalize any opinion contrary to the gay lifestyle, even if it is philosophically or religiously based.
Even without the law, there is a self-censorship in the media, since most journalists are pro-gay.

The question is: for how long will the elite allow us to have the internet? This week the web sensation in Brazil has been a video by a courageous doctor who exposes the dangers of anal sex. 100% of her gay patients had endocarditis, an infection of the heart valves caused by bacteria from feces. It leads to valve failure and even with a valve transplant, often leads to strokes.

The numbers for prostate and rectal cancer are also triple the ones for the hetero population. 68% of chance of getting cancer is not something to tinker with.

 Thu, 25 Apr 2013

Schoolgirls aged 13 and 14 have been encouraged to ask each other for a kiss as part of a diversity lesson in a US state that has legalised gay marriage.

The girls were encouraged to mimic lesbian behaviour at a workshop session at Linden Avenue Middle School in Red Hook, in New York State.

Parents, who were not given prior notice of the event, were furious but school officials say the subjects were required by the state’s Dignity for All Students Act.


As part of the workshop, teenage boys were told to carry condoms at all times and shown how to identify a “slut”.

Pupils were also introduced to terms such as “pansexual” and “genderqueer”.

Mandy Coon, whose daughter was in the workshop, said she is “furious” because the school did not give her opportunity to remove her child from the session.


She said: “I am her parent. Where does anyone get the right to tell her that it’s okay for her to have sex?”

The Dignity for All Students Act requires all students to be instructed on respecting others, including an awareness and sensitivity towards sexual orientations and gender identities.

School superintendent Paul Finch has consulted with parents about topics for future sessions that are scheduled.


And following a meeting of parents with school principal Dr Katie Zahedi, officials agreed that parents should be notified before sexual topics were discussed in class.

She maintained that hypothetical scenarios revolved around a kiss, rather than having sex.

New York became the sixth US state to bring in gay marriage in 2011.

South African cardinal says paedophilia is ‘not a criminal condition’

Durban’s Archbishop Wilfrid Fox Napier says those abused as children who become paedophiles ‘have psychological disorder’

A South African cardinal who helped elect Pope Francis has described paedophilia as a psychological illness and not “a criminal condition”.

The Catholic Archbishop of Durban, Wilfrid Fox Napier, said that people who were abused as children and became paedophiles were not criminally responsible for their actions in the same way as somebody “who chooses to do something like that”.

Cardinal Napier, who was among the 115 cardinals in the conclave at the Vatican that elected Pope Francis earlier this week, called paedophilia a “psychological disorder”.

He said: “What do you do with disorders? You have got to try and put them right. If I as a normal being choose to break the law knowing that I am breaking the law, then I think I need to be punished …

“From my experience, paedophilia is actually an illness, it is not a criminal condition, it is an illness.”

The cardinal spoke of two priests he knew who were abused as children and went on to become paedophiles.

He told the BBC: “Don’t tell me that those people are criminally responsible like somebody who chooses to do something like that. I don’t think you can really take the position and say that person deserves to be punished when he was himself damaged.”

Barbara Dorries, from the US-based Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests was abused as a child by a priest. She told the BBC: “If it is a disease that’s fine, but it’s also a crime and crimes are punished, criminals are held accountable for what they did and what they do.

“The bishops and the cardinals have gone to great lengths to cover these crimes to enable the predators to move on, to not be arrested, to keep the secrets within the church.”

How America Went Gay

March 10, 2013

220px-Charles_Socarides.jpgCharles W. Socarides, M.D., (1922-2005) was clinical professor of psychiatry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore
Medical Center in New York. Over 40 years, he treated hundreds of gays and helped about one third of them return to heterosexuality.

The classic 1995 essay by the psychiatrist
who pioneered the treatment of homosexuality.
“Normalizing” homosexuality was the first
step to supplanting heterosexuality.

Under the guise of gay rights, Satanists (the Illuminati) are waging a vicious, bigoted attack on heterosexual society, which is too docile to realize it.  Liberals accuse their opponents of “hatred” but the hatred begins with them.

by Charles Socarides M.D.
(Edited & Abridged by henrymakow.com)

For more than 20 years, I and a few psychiatrists have felt like an embattled minority, because we have continued to insist that gays aren’t born that way.

For most of this (20th) century, we have considered this behavior aberrant…a pathology. We had patients who would seek out one sex partner after another-total strangers-on a single night, then come limping into our offices the next day to tell us how they were hurting themselves. Since we were in the business of helping people learn how not to keep hurting themselves, many of us thought we were quietly doing God’s work.

Now, in the opinion of those who make up the so-called cultural elite, our view is “out of date.” The elite say we hurt people more than we help them, and that we belong in one of the century’s dustbins. They have managed to sell this idea to a great many Americans, thereby making homosexuality fashionable and raising formerly aberrant behavior to the status of an “alternate lifestyle.”…


How did this change come about? Well, the revolution did not just happen…


It was all part of a plan, as one gay publication put it, “to make the whole world gay.” I am not making this up. You can read an account of the campaign in Dennis Altman’s The Homosexualization of America. In 1982 Altman, himself gay, reported with an air of elation that more and more Americans were thinking like gays and acting like gays. There were engaged, that is, “in numbers of short-lived sexual adventures either in place of or alongside long-term relationships.” Altman cited the heterosexual equivalents of gay saunas and the emergence of the swinging singles scene as proofs that “promiscuity and ‘impersonal sex’ are determined more by social possibilities than by inherent differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals, or even between men and women.”

Heady stuff. Gays said they could “reinvent human nature, reinvent themselves.” To do this, these re-inventors had to clear away one major obstacle. No, they didn’t go after the nation’s clergy. They targeted the members of a worldly priesthood, the psychiatric community, and neutralized them with a radical redefinition of homosexuality itself. In 1972 and 1973 they co-opted the leadership of the American Psychiatric Association and, through a series of political maneuvers, lies and outright flim-flams, they “cured” homosexuality overnight-by fiat. They got the A.P.A. to say that same-sex sex was “not a disorder.” It was merely “a condition”-as neutral as lefthandedness.


This amounted to a full approval of homosexuality. Those of us who did not go along with the political redefinition were soon silenced at our own professional meetings. Our lectures were canceled inside academe and our research papers turned down in the learned journals. Worse things followed in the culture at large. Television and movie producers began to do stories promoting homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle.


[“For some years now, gays have been disrupting our meetings, shouting down people trying to deliver their scientific papers, threatening individual doctors like myself…The gay activists have a ferocious irrationality. They turn every scientific agreement into a political issue — which is all they can really do, since the only science they have going for them is pseudoscience.” Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far pp.153-154]

A gay review board told Hollywood how it should deal or not deal with homosexuality. Mainstream publishers turned down books that objected to the gay revolution. Gays and lesbians influenced sex education in our nation’s schools, and gay and lesbian libbers seized wide control of faculty committees in our nations’ colleges. State legislatures nullified laws against sodomy.

If the print media paid any attention at all, they tended to hail the gay revolution, possibly because many of the reporters on gay issues were themselves gay and open advocates for the movement. And those reporters who were not gay seemed too intimidated by groupthink to expose what was going on in their own newsrooms.

And now, what happens to those of us who stand up and object? Gay activists have already anticipated that. They have created a kind of conventional wisdom: that we suffer from homophobia, a disease that has actually been invented by gays projecting their own fear on society. And we are bigots besides, because, they say, we fail to deal with gays compassionately.

Gays are now no different than people born black or Hispanic or physically challenged. Since gays are born that way and have no choice about their sexual orientation, anyone who calls same-sex sex an aberration is now a bigot. Un-American, too. Astoundingly now, college freshmen come home for their first Thanksgiving to announce, “Hey, Mom! Hey, Dad! We’ve taken the high moral ground. We’ve joined the gay revolution.”



My wife, Clare, who has an unerring aptitude for getting to the heart of things, said one day recently in passing, “I think everybody’s being brainwashed.” That gave me a start. I know “brainwashing” is a term that has been used and overused. But my wife’s casual observation only reminded me of a brilliant tract I had read several years ago and then forgotten. It was called After the Ball: How America Will Conquer its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 1990’s, by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen.

That book turned out to be the blueprint gay activists would use in their campaign to normalize the abnormal through a variety of brainwashing techniques once catalogued by Robert Jay Lifton in his seminal work, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of Brainwashing in China.

These activists got the media and the money to radicalize America-by processes known as desensitization, jamming and conversion. They would desensitize the public by selling the notion that gays were “just like everyone else.” This would make the engine of prejudice run out of steam, i.e., lull straights into an attitude of indifference.

They would jam the public by shaming them into a kind of guilt at their own “bigotry.” Kirk and Madsen wrote:

All normal persons feel shame when they perceive that they are not thinking, feeling, or acting like one of the pack….The trick is to get the bigot into the position of feeling a conflicting twinge of shame…when his homo-hatred surfaces. Thus, propagandistic advertisement can depict homophobic and homo-hating bigots as crude loudmouths….It can show them being criticized, hated, shunned. It can depict gays experiencing horrific suffering as the direct result of homohatred-suffering of which even most bigots would be ashamed to be the cause.

Finally-this was the process they called conversion-Kirk and Madsen predicted a mass public change of heart would follow, even among bigots, “if we can actually make them like us.” They wrote, “Conversion aims at just this…conversion of the average American’s emotions, mind, and will, through a planned psychological attack, in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media.”


In the movie “Philadelphia” we see the shaming technique and the conversion process working at the highest media level. We saw Tom Hank’s character suffering (because he was gay and had AIDS) at the hands of bigots in his Philadelphia law firm. Not only were we ashamed of the homophobic behavior of the villainous straight lawyers in the firm; we felt nothing but sympathy for the suffering Hanks. (Members of the Motion Picture Academy felt so much sympathy they gave Hanks an Oscar.) Our feelings helped fulfill Kirk and Madsen’s strategy: “to make Americans hold us in warm regard, whether they like it or not.”

Few dared speak out against “Philadelphia” as an example of the kind of propaganda Kirk and Madsen had called for. By then, four years after the publication of the Kirk-Madsen blueprint, the American public had already been programmed. Homosexuality was now simply “an alternate lifestyle.”

Best of all, because of the persuaders embedded in thousands of media messages, society’s acceptance of homosexuality seemed one of those spontaneous, historic turnings in time-yes, a kind of conversion. Nobody quite knew how it happened, but the nation had changed. We had become more sophisticated, more loving toward all, even toward those “afflicted” with the malady-excuse me, condition.

By 1992 the President of the United States said it was time that people who were openly gay and lesbian should not be ousted from the nation’s armed forces. In 1993 the nation’s media celebrated a huge outpouring of gay pride in Washington, D.C. Television viewers chanted along with half a million marchers, “Two, four, six, eight! Being gay is really great.” We felt good about ourselves. We were patriotic Americans. We had abolished one more form of discrimination, wiped out one of society’s most enduring afflictions: homophobia. Best of all, we knew now that gay was good, gay was free.


Richard said (March 11, 2013):

“Speaking of Freemasonry”… how much support and cover do you think the Grand Lodges have given the “gay movement”? There’s always been much smoke the fire: starting with the burning of Knights Templar Grand Master Jaques De Molay and most of his lodge members for sodomy and Satanism 701 years ago this month. The Scottish Rite Freemasons named their teenage boy’ incubator organization after this fudge-packer. Mason’s consider him a martyr. He’s also an LGBT martyr http://gayhistory.wikidot.com/lgbt-victims

For those that don’t see a connection between Freemasonry and repeal of sodomy laws and gradualization of gay legislation check out how many in the Senate, Congress, and State Legislatures in the United States are in at least one Masonic organization, including the elite ones like Skull & Bones, Legion of Honor, Order of the Amarath ( wives of Masons masquerading as a charity), etc.

The US Secretary of State has been openly threatening nations all over the world to decriminalize sodomy and get with the program – or lose their US aid or even get on the short list for ‘regime change’. It’s now plain to see that homosexualization of the WORLD is an UN / CFR / NWO “must be” agenda.

Since homosexuals and lesbians actually comprise less than 2% of the aggregate population they can’t have enough money and influence to have gotten so much power all alone. They’re being used as chaos agents by a more powerful coterie with another agenda. Top down power has once again created an illusion of hegemony for a fringe demographic and conned even themselves into believing a phony identity profile that’s been dreamed up for them.

It’s “unnatural” for homosexuals to want marriage, the responsibility of children, or a “straight lifestyle”.

Brian said (March 10, 2013):

The 1995 article recently posted on your site sums it up perfectly. There is, and has been for a long time now, a deliberate, sophisticated campaign to push the homosexual disorder on the public. All the tactics laid out in Madsen and Kirk’s book are now on open display. Anyone even daring to voice public disapproval of the gay lifestyle (disorder) is roundly vilified as a “hater” and/or “bully”.

I have a feeling that there are far more people in the public eye who disapprove of homosexuality, but have been made too timid to come out and say it. Look at what happened last month when that NFL player stated his displeasure at having homosexual men in the locker room. He was forced to give a public apology. You could not ask for a more clear example of the “shaming” tactic mentioned in the above mentioned book.

As for Tom Hanks, I have had my suspicions about him for some time now. If he is not a card carrying Freemason, then he is at the very least one of their little propaganda shills. His first movie, called Mazes and Monsters is rife with occult symbolism, and he has done two propaganda pieces shilling for the NASA moon landing hoax: Apollo 13 directed by another suspected Freemason Ron Howard, and a documentary entitled From The Earth to The Moon. He is also said to be producing an HBO documentary on the Kennedy assassination promoting the long discredited lone gunman theory. The guy is a complete agent as far as I am concerned, and there are many, many more in the movie and music industry as you your readers well know.

Check out the new fashion trend for male rappers – http://bossip.com/697930/pot-meet-kettle-chris-brown-disses-kanyes-diddys-and-vin-diesels-suspect-skirt-rockin-steez-on-instagram/ Could it be any more obvious that someone or some group with lots of money and power is controlling the music industry and using it to reshape society into adopting deviant homosexual behavior patterns?

– See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2013/03/how-america-went-gay.html#sthash.yxVP09QJ.dpuf

Excuse Me, Gay is Not Good

March 11, 2013

Charles W. Socarides, M.D., (1922-2005) was clinical professor of psychiatry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore
Medical Center in New York. Over 40 years, he treated hundreds of gays and helped about 33% return to heterosexuality.

This is the second part of “How America Went Gay” the classic 1995 essay
by Charles Socarides, the psychiatrist who pioneered the treatment of homosexuality.
Here he explains the root causes of homosexuality which are anything but normal.

[My patients] were caught up in this mysterious compulsion to have sex with other menThey were not free. They were not happy. And they wanted to see if they could change.

Part One is here 

by Charles Socarides M.D.
(Edited & Abridged by henrymakow.com)

Excuse me. Gay is not good. Gay is not decidedly free. How do I know this? For more than 40 years, I have been in solidarity with hundreds of homosexuals, my patients, and I have spent most of my professional life engaged in a kind of “pastoral care” on their behalf.

But I do not help them by telling them they are O.K. when they are not O.K.

Nor do I endorse their “new claim to self-definition and self-respect.”

Tell me: Have we dumped the idea that a man’s self-esteem comes from something inside himself (sometimes called character) and from having a good education, a good job and a good family-and replaced that notion with this, that he has an affinity to love (and have sex with) other men?

In point of fact, many of my patients had character; they had an education; they were respected ad men and actuaries and actors. But they were still in pain-for one reason and one reason alone. They were caught up in this mysterious compulsion to have sex with other men. They were not free. They were not happy. And they wanted to see if they could change.

Over the years, I found that those of my patients who really wanted to change could do so, by attaining the insight that comes with a good psychoanalysis. Others found other therapies that helped them get to the bottom of their compulsions, all of which involved high motivation and hard work. Difficult as their therapeutic trips were, hundreds and thousands of homosexuals changed their ways. Many of my own formerly homosexual patients-about a third of them-are married today and happily so, with children. One-third may not sound like a very good average. But it is just about the same success rate you will find at the best treatment centers for alcoholics, like Hazelden in Minnesota and the Betty Ford Clinic in California.

Another third of my patients remain homosexual but not part of the gay scene. Now, after therapy, they still have same-sex sex, but they have more control over their impulses because now they understand the roots of their need for same-sex sex. Some of these are even beginning to turn on to the opposite sex. I add this third to my own success rate-so that I can tell people in all honesty that my batting average is .667 out of more than a thousand “at bats.”

Of course, I could bat .997 if I told all my patients in pain that their homosexuality was “a special call” and “a liberation.” That would endear me to everyone, but it would not help them. It would be a lie-despite recent pieces of pseudo-science bolstering the fantasy that gays are “born that way.”

The media put its immediate blessing on this “research,” but we were oversold. Now we are getting reports, even in such gay publications as The Journal of Homosexuality, that the gay-gene studies and the gay-brain studies do not stand up to critical analysis. (The author of one so-called “gay-gene theory” is under investigation by the National Institutes of Health for scientific fraud.)


I was not surprised to hear this. My long clinical experience and a sizable body of psychoanalysis research tell me that most [homosexuals]are reacting, at an unconscious level, to something amiss with their earliest upbringing- over-controlling mothers and abdicating fathers. Through long observation I have also learned that the supposedly liberated homosexual is never really free. In his multiple, same-sex adventures, even the most effeminate gay was looking to incorporate the manhood of others, because he was in a compulsive, never-ending search for the masculinity that was never allowed to build and grow in early childhood…

Once my patients have achieved an insight into these dynamics-and realized there is no moral fault involved in their longtime and mysterious need-they have moved rather quickly on the road to recovery. Their consequent gratitude to me is overwhelming. And why shouldn’t it be? They were formerly caught up in compulsions they could not understand, compulsions they could not control. Now they are in charge of their own lives.

Their former promiscuity may have looked a lot like “liberation.” But it was not true freedom. It was a kind of slavery. And it was not a lifestyle. With the onset of AIDS, as the playwright and gay militant Larry Kramer said in a 1993 interview, it turned out to be a death style. I have had some patients tell me, “Doctor, if I weren’t in therapy, I’d be dead.”

[ In addition, child and youth sexual abuse is a major cause of homosexuality. A 1992 study of 1000 homosexuals found that 37% had been abused sexually by an older male. Socarides, Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far , p. 88)


Testimonials from my recovered patients make me feel my work is worthwhile-despite regular demands from the gay rights community for my silence. What would they have me do? Pack my bags, find a new profession, lock up a lifetime of research and analysis, hide my truth under a bushel? It is not my psychoanalytic duty to tell people they are marvelous when they are out of control, much less ask disingenuous rhetorical questions like, “What kind of God would afflict people with an ‘objective disorder’ in the disposition of their hearts?”

Giving God the credit for their gayness is a persistent refrain in much gay literature today, and I am saddened to see people of evident good will become unwitting parties to the blasphemy. Gays ascribe their condition to God, but he should not have to take that rap, any more than he should be blamed for the existence of other man-made maladies-like war, for instance, which has proven to be very unhealthy for humans and for all other living things. God does not make war. Men do.

And, when homosexuality takes on all the aspects of a political movement, it, too, becomes a war, the kind of war in which the first casualty is truth, and the spoils turn out to be our own children. An exaggeration? Well, what are we to think when militant homosexuals seek to lower the age of consensual sexual intercourse between homosexual men and young boys to the age of 14 (as they did in Hawaii in 1993) or 16 (as they tried to do in England in 1994)? In the Washington March for Gay Pride in 1993, they chanted, “We’re here. We’re queer. And we’re coming after your children.”

What more do we need to know?

Note:  Does Homosexuality Threaten Society? Socarides – “Yes, and the most troubli9ng thing to me is that we don’t know it yet. The American public doesn’t understand.For more than 40 years the most basic institution in society has een under assault, while the nation’s traditional watch dog, the press, has been largely unconcerned…Sexual freedoms don’t give anyone the permission to destroy society. And that’s what the gay rights movement is doing, , destroying society, in the name of freedom, a fictive freedom.” (Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far, pp.285-6)

Socarides is a co-founder of NARTH, National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality.

First Comment from Don:

This comes under the heading of killing sacred cows… very touchy work.  The piece you presented was valid as far as it went but much has happened in the past 20 years that bears examination.  In the early 90’s I taught at University level in my second career, the first was 20 years as an airline pilot.

This is the time that students as products of programed instruction began to appear.  I was shocked to discover that although nicely socialized they had not been educated and in fact quite the opposite and were markedly and uniformly unable to think.

I think their “educators” were uneducated themselves and thus knew nothing to to teach beyond moment to moment programed learning.  In many ways it became clear that most of these college students were totally unprepared for college but education had become a cash cow and standards were lowered to accommodate the cows that were passed on and graduated.

Worse yet was that young men were presenting with speech and behavior patterns that had formerly been associated with females.  These were boys who had been raised (and educated) by women with little or no interaction with men… and thus, the female will forever dominate.

The problem of course was the rise of the feminist movement in the US with the result that women once again demonstrated that left to themselves they could only raise little boys to be little girls.  And historically be reminded that is is not news as great societies made it a point to get their male children away from the women at an early age.

This is the reason for separate education in the Greeks, the Romans, the Spanish, and the British… all societies that conquered the world.  Little girls didn’t do that, it took men.  And notice that these days the Elites favor separate schools and for the most part, the faculty is male.

FAST FORWARD…  in late ’93’ I left America to study in Asia and spent the next 7 years in India studying Buddhism for Initiation and stayed in Asia until returning to US a few years ago.  I was shocked at America’s descent over that 20 year period.

The first question out of any visitor looking around is “what happened to the kids?”  Knowing that in every society the women are responsible for raising the kids the next question must be “what happened to the women?”  And another, “what happened in the educational system dominated by women?

Proof is in the pudding that are the children as one begins to notice that children, particularly the males, raised and educated by women, have in many cases assumed the worst qualities of the women that raised them.  – See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2013/03/Excuse-Me-Gay-is-Not-Good%20%20.html#sthash.RhjTtejS.dpuf

The Mary Moss Elm Guest House VIP Paedophile Party List

‘Change Royal succession law for children of a lesbian Queen’

The laws on Royal succession should be changed to deal with the children of a lesbian Queen in a gay marriage who conceives using donor sperm, the House of Lords has heard.

Nancy Allen’s “Guide to Gay Sex”

Manitoba schools rank among the lowest in Canada . 
The answer: Teach Manitoba children to eat shit (i.e. “rimming.” See below.)

Yes literally. She wants Manitoba school children to embrace homosexuality.
Her Bill 18 will force schools to establish “gay-straight alliances” and criminalize resistance to homosexuality as “bullying.”

Nancy Allen’s First Lesson:

1. Anal sex  is one of the principal homosexual pleasures. Anal intercourse is analogous to normal sex. You may disregard the fact that the anus was never intended by nature to be a receptacle. Disregard the fact that when sodomy is performed, the peculiar forced inward expansion of the anal canal results in a tearing of the lining as well as bleeding anal fissures. This gives rise to a litany of diseases. 

2. Anilingus, usually referred to as “Rimming.” This delightful practice involves licking the rim of the anus, and often ingesting faecal matter – in other words, eating shit. If they don’t actually eat shit, some homosexuals defecate on each other. This bizarre practice is known as scat. Urination into the mouth and over the bleeding body of the participant…is likewise a common practice.  This is known as golden showers or water sports. Go for it children!

3.  Fisting or hand-balling involves inserting the hand or fist into the anus. While it is difficult to believe that a fist can be inserted into a human anus, it is possible. Don’t worry that the damage from fisting can result in a sphincterectomy or colostomy. Some individuals can then have sodomy performed through the colostomy opening, causing further damage. Try to imagine how you can sink to lower depths of depravity than this. As well as fists, you can also insert toys into the anus: dildoes, vibrators etc. This can and does lead to serious internal damage; in particular puncturing of the intestinal wall and seepage of faecal matter into the abdomen, which can result in death. But at least you will die in a politically correct way.

An American publication said of sex toys that, “Most are small, but physicians have removed such large items as a six-ounce Coca-Cola bottle, an entire pencil, and a vibrator head.” The record must be an after-shaving lotion bottle 14.2cm in length, 21.5cm circumference.

4. Another uplifting practice homosexuals engage is sado-masochism. About a third of homosexuals engage in sexual torture. The top six US male serial murderers were all gay. You may end up seriously injuring or murdering someone, or being seriously injured or murdered yourself. For this you can thank your Manitoba public school education.

5. As the thrills diminish, you will need to employ drugs to heighten your experience. Drug use is seven times higher among gays. That’s why schools need to promote homosexuality.  Crystal meth and cocaine are the drugs of choice.

6. As a homosexual, you may enjoy an extraordinary degree of promiscuity. You may enjoy many dozen sex partners in a year; hundreds in a lifetime. “Marriages” are rarely exclusive.

Denis Altman, a veteran of this courageous quest has written: “Large-scale luxurious pleasure palaces where everyone is potentially an immediate sexual partner are a common sexual fantasy; only for gay men they are a commonplace reality…Men in bathhouses rarely talk much, and it is quite common for sex to take place without words, let alone names, being exchanged.”

Altman confirms that this is a display of brotherhood:  “The willingness to have sex immediately, promiscuously, and with people about whom one knows nothing and from whom one demands only physical contact can be seen as a sort of Whitmanesque democracy, a desire to know and trust other men in a type of brotherhood.”

As well as bathhouses, homosexuals often engage in totally anonymous sex in public toilets – a practice known as cottaging – and in public parks and elsewhere. The personal columns of homosexual publications are crammed full of advertisements advertising the services of male whores – rent boys – and adventurers seeking similarly enlightened individuals for mutual satisfaction. You will never be lonely.

Bend over children! That’s what the New World Order is about. Anyone who objects to this lesson is a “bully” and will be prosecuted accordingly.

Source- http://www.infotextmanuscripts.org/barons_guide_1.html

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Ex-Gay Porn Star explains Demonic Dimension of Sodomy

Manitoba’s Chief Family Court Judge is Internet Porn Star

(left. Gay student Evan Wiens is ecstatic he can start recruiting gay-friendly straights to his high school club. Illuminati grant human rights only to socially disruptive minorities. People who object have no human rights.) 
First Comment by Judith Reisman Ph.D. author of Sexual Sabotage   (Encore)

Recently Henry Makow published an article stating, “Nancy Allan announced a coercive plan to persecute students who object to homosexuality, ensuring that school children are groomed for homosexual pedophiles.”

This is a wholly accurate account of the state mandated pedophile/pederast grooming increasingly found worldwide. Only a worldwide institution could produce the same global sexual “party line.” The campaign to sexualize all infants and children for use and abuse emerges as an “Anti Bullying Action Plan” in Manitoba. The program induces child sexual experimentation–the same encouraged by Havana-trained sexologists in Brazil, and similar pedo-advocates in Great Britain, the USA and worldwide under the closet umbrella of International Planned Parenthood.

Makow says, “Don’t be fooled. “Bullying” is really about heterosexuals being coerced to have gay sex. Bullying is the media and government perverts and traitors bullying you.” I’d add, these programs are entry level for the child sexual traffic–a financial growth industry. Picture perverts sitting around a conference table for the last 20 years planning how to, “get the kids away from the controls of parents and religion and they are wholly vulnerable. Let’s call it anti bullying, hate crimes. Once we get pedo-grooming–we get global control.”

R[i]diculous you say? Time is telling us it is so.

Judith Reisman, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor of Law, Liberty University School of Law

– See more at: http://henrymakow.com/manitoba-bullies-children-who-dont-want-gay-sex.html#sthash.d1zJ53p1.dpuf

– See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2013/04/nancy-allens-guide-to-gay-sex.html#sthash.9y5aSbxB.dpuf


“And there were also Sodomites in the land..”   I Kings 14:24 


  1. Rehoboam the son of Solomom reigned seventeen years in Jerusalem. Under his reign, the Bible says, “And Judah did evil in the sight of the Lord. . . ” (I Kings 14:22a). Among those evils listed was their condoning of Sodomites in the land.
  2. This is one of the prevalent sins of America today. In times past the Sodomites were not condoned in America.
  3. Not only are there Sodomites in this land, but they are welcomed and harbored. Under the Carter administration, Cuba dumped thousands of their unwanted Sodomites into Florida. Cuba was anxious to get rid of them and the Sodomites were anxious to escape what they called, “Severe repression in Cuba.”
  4. The light of the churches is so faint and flickering that these creeping things of darkness have come out into the open.
  5. Let’s now turn the light of God’s Word directly upon this epitome of moral degradation, and send the Sodomites scurrying back into their hiding places.

I. God’s Description of the Sodomites

Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
“Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.
“For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
“And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
” Romans 1:24-27

1. Unclean–Vs. 24–Lazarus was laid at the rich man’s gate full of sores. He was probably looked upon as unclean by many in his day. God did not call him unclean. God’s angels carried him into Abraham’s bosom when he died. Lazarus was clean in his heart.

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. .” Matthew 5:8

The unclean go into hell when they die!

For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.” Ephesians 5:5

Sodomites are unclean!

2. Vile–Vs. 26-27–The Devil’s leading religion in America, secular hutmanism, described by God in verse 26, states its position concerning Sodomy in their “Humanist Manifesto II”– “. . .we believe that intolerant attitudes often cultivated by orthodox religions and puritanical cultures, unduly repress sexual conduct. The right to birth control, abortion, and divorce should be recognized … the many varieties of sexual exploration should not in themselves be considered evil.”

The humanist attempts to camouflage the corruption of the Sodomites, but God’s inspired, infallible, inerrant, preserved Word reveals their filthy sins as vile!

3. Abomination
Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” Leviticus 18:22

The Sodomites are an abomination to God!

Webster’s definition of an abomination–“Extreme disgust and hatred; abhorrence; detestation; loathing. That which is abominable; anything hateful or shamefully vile.”

A man must not wear a woman’s garment. A woman must not wear that which pertaineth to a man.
The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.” Deuteronomy 22:5

The sins of Sodomy are also suggested or declared by all who abominably attire themselves!


Sad to say, the biblical title of Sodomites, which was given to these debased sinners by God, is seldom used by those who cry out against this terrible wickedness. They usually use the term–

1. Homosexual–This is like calling a drunkard an alcoholic; or calling a thief a cleptomaniac. The sharp words of God are “. . . quick, and powerful and sharper than any twoedged sword. 

When preachers, and others who oppose this vile sin, use the term “homosexual” they are only giving a partial definition of what a Sodomite is!

2. Gays– This is their choice title of this day. This, like the other, only gives a partial definition of what a Sodomite is, and the sharp edge of the Word of God is gone.

According to Webster, “gay” means: “loose; licentious.” The Sodomites far surpass that in their vileness.

Our text does not say there were homosexuals in the land or gays in the land. It says there were Sodomites in the land!

A Sodomite woman is not a lesbian nor is a Sodomite man a gay. They are Sodomites! Call them what they are by using the title of infainy given them by the Lord. Don’t let the Sodomites choose their title. God has already named them!

Call them Sodomites whether they like it or not.

They will never be convicted of their vile sins without the Word of God.


The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.” Isaiah 3:9

1. Marches-They no longer sneak around in hiding like roaches and rats. They now march down the main streets of cities and towns carrying signs, declaring their sin as Sodom!

This does not reveal advances made by the Humanist Sodomite liberation movements. It simply reveals how low-down the morals in this nation have plunged.

When Sodomites start marching down main street it is like a house infested with roaches, where no effort is made to control or eliminate them!

Here is the disgraceful report of some Sodomite marches June 26, 1983:

New York City, NY	 40,000
San Francisco, Cal	200,000
Los Angeles, Cal	 90,000
Chicago, Ill.	         30,000
Columbus, Ohio	            600
Houston, Texas	         50,000

2. Newspapers-It is becoming increasingly more obvious that the news media in general is pro-Sodomite!
3. Politics-A few years ago a Sodomite would not dare to run for any office, and no political party would endorse sodomy for votes. The Democratic party has. “Walter F. Mondale cites party commitinent to eliminate all laws, rules and regulations which discrminate againsts individuals on the basis of sexual orientation.”
4. Pageants-Charlotte, NC fostered a Miss Sodomite America pageant 9/25/82
5. Churches-The Metropolitan Community Church is a Sodomite denomination!

“The Metropolitan Community Church, a nationwide denomination formed in 1968 by an ex-Pentecostal Holiness minister named Troy Perry … MCC now boasts 30,000 members in 170 churches.” (Greenville News)

The Metropolitan Community Church openly denies that sodomy is a sin!

The boldness of the Sodomites in Judah was a result of and a testimony to the prevailing evil condition of the people in general.

This is the same sequence that we are now witnessing in America.

6. Television-This has been one of the key instruments that Satan has used io brainwash this wicked world into accepting Sodomites into its culture.


And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly.” II Peter 2:6

Look at the example and learn the lesson well America!


If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” Leviticus 20:13

You will find in the Bible that the Sodomites flourished under the reign of the wicked kings and they were removed by the good kings–
1. Asa-“And Asa did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord, as did David his father.
“And he took away the sodomites out of the land, and removed all the idols that his fathers had made.
” I Kings 14:11-12
2. Jehoshaphat–“And he walked in all the ways of Asa his father; he turned not asidefrom it, doing that which was right in the eyes of the Lord. . . ”
“And the remnant of the Sodomites, which remained in the days of his father Asa, he took out of the land.
” I Kings 22:43a,46
3. Josiah–“And he brake down the houses of the sodomites, that were by the house of the Lord, where the women wove hangingsfor the grove. ” II Kings 23:7


The first mention principle of Bible interpretation is a very profitable study.

In Genesis chapters 13, 18, 19 we find God’s attitude toward and His judgment against Sodomites:

But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly.” Genesis 13:13

And the Lord said, Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous.” Genesis 18:20 ”

Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven; And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.” Genesis 19:24-25

God did not find ten righteous people in Sodom. That place was so given over to its vile corruptions that no hope remained. God’s wrath was poured out upon them because of their sins.

Where Sodom once stood there is now the Dead Sea. Nothing grows there. Do not harbor the hope that God will overlook this heinous wickedness that is being accepted and legalized in America. We could fall as suddenly as Sodom did!

. . Sodom, that was over thrown as in a moment. .” Lamentations 4:6b

You will search in vain for any trace of God’s excusing the Sodomites in their debased state.
…God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. . . ” Isaiah 13:19b


1. The sins of the Sodomites are of the vilest nature. God’s hatred of their abominations is revealed in their incurable disease that strikes with near 100% mortality–AIDS!
2. Sodomy is not an alternate life style. It is a sin. It is a style of death!
3. There is no such thing as Sodomite rights found in God’s Word.
4. There is one hope for America–Do as Asa, Jehoshaphat and Josiah.
5. There is one hope for the Sodomite–The Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

“For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; “Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.” I Timothy 2:5-6

Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. “ Titus 2:14

I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. ” Luke 13:3

by Raymond Blanton

The Sin of Sodom

Serious Questions and Bible Answers about the Homosexual Movement

What is a Sodomite?

A sodomite is a person who practices sodomy–a homosexual. God’s word doesn’t use such terms as “homosexual,” “gay,” and “lesbian.” Some might argue that a sodomite is nothing more than an inhabitant of Sodom, but God uses the word “sodomite” in reference to homosexuals long after the ancient city of Sodom is destroyed (1 Kings 14:24; 15:12; 22:46; 2 Kings 23:7).

Isn’t it more proper to refer to sodomites as “homosexuals” and “gays?”

No, because God refers to them as “sodomites.” “Homosexual” is a neutral technical term, while “gay” is a nice term that the sodomites have invented for themselves. Due to the constant brainwashing tactics of Hollywood and the Media, “gay” has been adapted by most everyone as the proper title for these people. To be “gay” is to be “merry” and “joyful.” To be a “sodomite” is to be wicked and sinful (Gen. 13:13). So “gay” is certainly NOT the proper title. We are warned in Isaiah 5:20 that God is very displeased with people who apply good words to evil things: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Drunkards are not “chronic alcoholics,” fornication is not “pre-marital sex,” and sodomites are not “gay.”

How do we know for certain that sodomy is a sin?

Because God’s word declares it to be a sin, over and over again. The very first time “Sodom” occurs in the Bible God sends us a sound warning: “But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly.” (Gen. 13:13) In Genesis 18:20, we are told that the sin of Sodom is “very grievous.” Then in Genesis 19:4-7 we read of a case where the Sodomites seek sexual relations with a total stranger! Shortly after this incident, God destroys their entire city because He couldn’t find even ten righteous people dwelling there.

Later, in the book of Leviticus, some very sharp warnings are given about sodomy. Leviticus 18:22 says, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” Then Leviticus 20:13 says, “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” Webster defines an “abomination” as “extreme hatred” and “detestation.” That’s how God feels about sodomites.

Hundreds of years later we read that sodomites are in the land and they are committing “abominations” (1 Kings 14:24). King Asa, a good king over Judah, did “that which was right in the eyes of the Lord” when he “took away the sodomites out of the land” (1 Kings 15:11-12). Several years later there were still some sodomites left in the land, so King Jehoshaphat, the son of King Asa, also did that which was RIGHT in the eyes of the Lord by taking the sodomites OUT of the land (1 Kings 22:43-46). We also read that King Josiah did the “right” thing when he “brake down the houses of the sodomites” (2 Kings 22:2; 23:7).

In Isaiah 3:9, God makes reference to the boldness of the people who commit this grievous sin: “The show of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.” Is this not a perfect description of the modern day sodomites who parade up and down the streets demanding their rights? Ezekiel 16:49 says that PRIDE is a chief sin of the sodomites. Perhaps this is why we read about “Gay Pride” parades. Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

Some say only the Old Testament speaks against sodomy but that the New Testament is silent about it. This is not true. The New Testament clearly condemns this sin. Romans 1:21-27 speaks about the sodomites. Paul says they are vain in their imaginations, they steal God’s glory, they are foolish, unclean, vile, and against nature. In II Peter 2:6, the word “ungodly” is used in connection with sodomy. Paul said in I Corinthians 6:9 that these people would not inherit the kingdom of God.

Friend, sodomy is wicked in the eyes of God!

Don’t most professionals agree that a person’s sexual orientation is of biological or genetic origin?

Yes, but they’re dead wrong. The majority of professional people once believed the earth to be flat. Were they right? The majority of astronomers once believed the stars could be numbered. Were they right? The majority of scientists today believe that men have evolved from monkeys. Are they right? In Genesis, the majority of the world thought Noah was crazy. Were they right? The majority thought Jesus Christ should be crucified. Were they right? Listen friend, if you’re running with “the majority,” then you are on a collision coarse with the Devil! IGNORE THE MAJORITY! Just trust God’s word. God says that sodomy is WRONG, so it’s wrong. Period.

Besides, there are many professional people in the medical field who believe that sodomy is an acquired behavior. The book, Shadow In The Land, by Congressman William Dannemeyer, cites several authors who disagree with the biological and genetic theories. The following are among them:

“Homosexuality, the choice of a partner of the same sex for orgastic satisfaction, is not innate. There is no connection between sexual instinct and choice of sexual object. Such an object choice is acquired behavior; there is no inevitable genetically inborn propensity toward the choice of a partner of either the same or opposite sex.” (Charles Socarides, Homosexuality: Basic Concepts and Psychodynamics, International Journal of Psychiatry 10, 1972: 118-25)

“Whatever may be the possible unlearned assistance from constitutional sources, the child’s psychosexual identity is not written, unlearned, in the genetic code, the hormonal system or the nervous system at birth.”(John Monday, Sexual Dimorphism and Homosexual Gender Identity, Perspectives in Human Sexuality, 1974, p. 67)

Doesn’t the American Psychiatric Association consider sodomy to be normal?

Yes. In 1974, the APA removed homosexuality from their list of mental disorders. Naturally, the sodomites make a regular habit of informing us of this, but they fail to inform us of HOW the APA came to this decision. Beginning in 1970, the sodomites started invading the annual APA convention. Although not invited, they made it a regular habit to burst into the annual meetings like uncivilized barbarians. Once in the panel rooms they would resort to shouting and name calling, in hopes of intimidating as many people as possible. They also found it effective to appeal for pity by whining about their sad plight, which they compared to racial discrimination against blacks. By much sympathy pleading and very little factual evidence, the sodomites won the hearts of a few psychiatrists and also a panel of their own in 1973. Then after a very effective letter campaign, the sodomites had applied enough pressure to seal their victory. Finally, in a 58 to 40 vote, the APA decided to remove homosexuality from their list of mental disorders in 1974.

Why not just leave the sodomites alone and let them live their own lives?

Because God hates this sin and He doesn’t want it “left alone.” Sin is like a cancer: when ignored it spreads. As we’ve already seen from God’s word, God commends those who oppose sodomy, so we too need to speak out against this abominable sin before it overwhelms us and destroys our nation like it destroyed Sodom. No, we should not HATE the sodomites, but we should firmly oppose their sin as the word of God commands us.

Can a sodomite be cured?

Man says, “No, because it isn’t a disease,” but God tells us there IS a cure, because there is a cure for ALL SIN. God is willing to cleanse any person of this sin and forget it forever! Some people have the strange idea that God cannot forgive certain sins, but the Bible says otherwise!

1 John 1:7 says, “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.”

Revelation 1:5 says, “And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood.”

Friend, Jesus Christ has the cure. You can ignore what the medical profession says about there being no cure for homosexuality. There IS a cure, and YOU can have it TODAY – if you’ll confess to God that you’re a sinner, repent of your sins (Luke 13:3), and receive His Son as your one and only Saviour. Sin is sin, whether it be sodomy, murder, stealing, lying, adultery, fornication, pride, rebellion, or anything else. All have sinned and come short of God’s glory (Rom. 3:23) because all have been born with a sin nature (Rom. 5:12; Psa. 51:5). Jesus Christ shed His sinless blood and died to pay for your sins and He rose again the third day for your justification. The Bible says He’ll save you if you’ll RECEIVE Him as your Savior:


The Gay Agenda And The War Against God

The Independent reports today that schools in the UK are practicing homophobic policy that was outlawed under Tony Blair. A columnist in the same paper refers to the relevant (and detested) ‘Section 28’ saying “…it did lasting damage to adolescents trying to come to terms with their sexuality, because responsible adults were inhibited from telling them that homosexuality is a natural occurrence.
This statement brings us close to the heart of the matter. The idea that the LGBT/Judeo-Masonic lobby want to force on our children is that homosexuals are born not made, that homosexuality is inborn in the individual not a product of early years conditioning.Just about everybody, it seems to me, is content to accept that homosexuality is natural in the sense that it exists in nature and that the people involved cannot help how they feel. Most will also accept that the condition can be considered to be ‘pre-destined’ inasmuch as the person cannot be blamed for feeling same-sex attraction, given their (un-chosen) experience.

However, the idea that the homosexual tendency is created by nature itself, rather than the human agencies involved, is quite a different matter. Except in the very rarest cases of sexual genetic ambiguity, there is no evidence that any person is ‘born gay’.*

This matters and serious people should not allow this fact to disappear from view, trampled into the mud.

The establishment of such a falsehood in the public mind is a small but significant part of the greater war being waged by our masters…….a WAR AGAINST GOD.

We are living through an age when there is an ongoing attempt to erase the very idea of God from public discourse and our very minds.

Darwinism has nothing useful to say about the creation of life. It is also more than fair to say that the idea that life spontaneously popped out of nowhere….uncaused….is laughable, utterly impossible, as many excellent scientists have demonstrated. Therefore creation requires a creator.

It is rational for us, believing that some kind of awesome divine consciousness created the whole universe (including our own consciousness) to also believe that this creator imbued its creation with something we can call purpose.

This ‘purpose’ inherently implies a God-given moral order. A moral order that exists OBJECTIVELY.


It is this objective moral order that is the enemy of our masters and their political, judicial and media representatives. It threatens their mission to draw all power to themselves.

Let humanity understand, it is the mission of the Judeo-Masonic elite to DISPLACE GOD.

If morality (in the public mind) is rendered subjective, as these powers intend, then men will decide what is right and what is wrong. What is true and what is false. And which men will make these decisions?

Why themselves, of course.

Pulling off the redefinition of the body’s natural sewer as a ‘love canal’ (as Michael Hoffman memorably puts it) after thousands of years of human history that condemned sodomy in the strongest possible terms, tells us just how powerful these forces have become in our time.

It needs to be understood and remembered that the implementation of the Frankfurt-School recommendations, including the promotion of homosexuality and the destruction of traditional marriage is but part of the big picture, the war against creation (and God) itself.

We can see that people are already being punished for merely, referring to ‘God’. We can see that Christ has been displaced on Calvary by ‘The Jewish People’ (Talmudic Judaism’s one and only God)The Protocols and the Masonic supremacists forge ahead with their Satanic plans.

Surely, though, even they can see….




Let us do all we can to ensure we do not join these creatures in the abyss.

So, if you are are gay, do yourself a favour. Stop trying to define reality to serve your own purposes (and damage society at large). Historically, homosexuality was defined as a developmental disorder….

……like all others.

No blame is necessarily attached…..but please…….

the truth…..

…..for once.