Satan Worship: The Coming One-World Religion


Left, Illuminati Jewish program to discredit the Bible and Christianity
claims that a tomb containing the bones of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was found.

As James Perloff shows, the Illuminati set out
to systematically destroy Christianity and belief in God.
Do we need any more proof that we are ruled by a satanic cult?

by James Perloff

The Bible and the Protocols agree: one world government and religion are coming.

Revelation 13:7 says the Antichrist will have “authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.” Protocol 5:11 says the Illuminati plan to “absorb all the state forces of the world and to form a super-government.”

Revelation 13:8 says that “inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast.” Protocol 15:20 brags “they will acknowledge the autocracy of our ruler with a devotion bordering on ‘apotheosis'” [glorification as a god]. He “will be the real pope of the universe, the patriarch of the international church.” (17:4)

For Satan to rule Earth autocratically, he must not only consolidate governments and currencies, but belief systems. But how could he unite something so diverse as religions?


The long-term strategy: (1) splinter a religion into sects on the “divide and conquer” principle; (2) assault the religion’s foundations, creating doubts among believers; (3) finally, herd the remnants together with other religions – i.e., ecumenism.

Let’s see how this played out in Christianity. Protocol 17:5 says of churches: “we shall fight against them by criticism calculated to produce schism.” Over centuries, Christianity has been splintered into increasingly smaller sects. For example, the Jehovah’s Witnesses were founded by a Freemason, Charles Taze Russell.

To plant doubts in believers, Darwin’s theory of evolution was introduced as a “scientific” alternative to creation by God. Protocols 2:3 flaunts “the successes we arranged for Darwinism.”

Attacks on the Bible achieved what Protocol 17:2 terms “the complete wrecking of that Christian religion.” The Rockefellers funded seminaries that questioned the Gospel, most notoriously the Union Theological Seminary. In the late 19th century, Union Theological professor Charles Briggs introduced “Higher Criticism,” in America claiming the Bible was error-ridden.

fosdick66.jpgIn 1922, Harry Emerson Fosdick, left, gave a landmark sermon which cast doubt on the Bible being God’s Word, the Virgin Birth, the Second Coming, and Christ’s death as atonement for sins. He declared those holding these beliefs “intolerant.”

His sermon sparked outrage, and Fosdick was forced to resign. However, he was immediately hired as pastor of Riverside Church – attended and built by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. for $4 million. Rockefeller paid for 130,000 copies of Fosdick’s sermon to be printed and distributed to ministers. Fosdick’s brother Raymond was president of the Rockefeller Foundation.

The views expressed by theologians like Briggs and Fosdick were called “Modernism,” which included denying Christ’s divinity, miracles and resurrection. Modernism was not a quibbling over some gray area of theology; it was total repudiation of Christianity’s major tenets. With Rockefeller funding, it permeated seminaries and churches.

Recently Modernism has gone further; the Jesus Seminar (financial backers unpublicized) declared over 80 percent of sayings attributed to Jesus weren’t authentic. The Da Vinci Code – this century’s best-selling novel, thought by John Coleman to be a Tavistock creation – claimed Jesus wasn’t resurrected and married Mary Magdalene. Shortly after the film version’s release, a Discovery Channel documentary claimed a tomb had been found containing the bones of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.


Consolidation of churches required organizations. The Rockefellers funded the National Council of Churches. John Foster Dulles was chosen to spearhead the ecumenism drive.  Dulles was a Rockefeller in-law, chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation trustees, a founding CFR member who helped draft the UN Charter (which never mentions God.)

In 1942, Dulles chaired a 30-denomination meeting which called for “a world government of delegated powers.” Not content with unifying America’s churches, Dulles traveled to Amsterdam in 1948 to attend the founding conference of the World Council of Churches. Director of research for this foundation-funded conference was John Bennett – president of Union Theological and a CFR member.

Among today’s ecumenical traps: the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. The former British prime minister – a consummate insider – said he wanted to “promote respect, friendship and understanding between the major religious faiths” since “globalization pushes us ever closer.”

But even with structures for consolidation, the question remained: how to motivate churches to unite. Since denominations often disagree on theology, the strategy was to encourage collaboration where they did agree: values (e.g., helping the poor and sick.) This materialized in an action-based program, “the Social Gospel” (socialism masked as religion.)

Walter Rauschenbusch, trained at Rockefeller-funded Rochester Theological Seminary, became “Father of the Social Gospel,” declaring that “the only power that can make socialism succeed, if it is established, is religion.”

Perhaps the most notorious “Social Gospel” pusher: Rockefeller-backed Reverend Harry F. Ward, who long taught at Union Theological. Ward, the ACLU’s first chairman, was called by labor leader Samuel Gompers “the most ardent pro-Bolshevik cleric in this country.” Ward helped found the Methodist Federation for Social Action, which advised Christians to downplay the Gospel and fight for things like social justice, better labor conditions, and “world peace” – i.e., the goals Marxists proclaimed.

Missionary work was targeted. In 1930, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. funded the “Laymen’s Foreign Missions Inquiry,” which recommended missionaries downplay Christian doctrines and ally with other religions in doing good works. Although most denominations were critical of the report, former missionary Pearl Buck praised it in the media. Subsequently her novel The Good Earth received the Nobel Prize.

This “unity through action” strategy continues today. The Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s original website had a “Social Action Projects” page which asked viewers to sign a declaration stating: “I commit to working together with people of all faiths to fight against disease and poverty.”

warren.jpgRick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life (over 30 million sold) is America’s current Social Gospel point man.  In 2008, backed by a $2 million Rupert Murdoch donation, Warren launched the PEACE Coalition. Time magazine headlined it: “RICK WARREN GOES GLOBAL.” Warren said the coalition’s goal was “to mobilize 1 billion Christians worldwide.”

Warren, who is a CFR member, gave the invocation at Obama’s inauguration, and was dubbed “America’s pastor” by CNN.  He’s anointed, but by who?


The Illuminati haven’t forgotten Catholicism. Protocol 17:3: “When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court…we shall penetrate to its very bowels.”

Like other churches, Catholics have recently seen major ecumenical developments, such as: the signing of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification by Lutheran and Catholic representatives (1999); dialogue with Eastern Orthodox churches, resulting in the Common Declaration of Pope Benedict XVI and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I (2006); an unprecedented Catholic-Muslim summit at the Vatican (2008); and visits of Pope Benedict XVI to Israel and to the Great Synagogue of Rome (2009).

And Catholicism has experienced its own “social action” movement – comparable to the tactics of Harry F. Ward and Rick Warren – as in the doctrine of liberation theology, which was prominent in Latin America beginning in the 1950s and 60s, where the Gospel took a back seat to fighting poverty and social injustice via Marxist precepts.

Protocols 17:2: “as to other religions we shall have still less difficulty in dealing with them, but it would be premature to speak of this now.”


The final mechanism for one-world religion might be Project Blue Beam. According to Serge Monast, satellite-projected holograms in the sky (the “image of the beast” predicted by the Bible), will be tailored to religious populations in Earth’s different regions.

To induce worship, the Antichrist will not initially appear as a tyrant, but as a “savior.” To save us from what? Probably from all the chaos the satanic Illuminati will have created: wars ignited by false flags, famines from artificial food shortages, plagues from viruses synthesized in laboratories, HAARP-generated storms and earthquakes, and perhaps even a fake “Blue Beam” alien attack, simulated by holograms of spaceships. Having contrived these disasters, it will easy for him to stop them. By turning off HAARP, for example, he will appear to duplicate the feat of Jesus in quelling the storm on the Sea of Galilee. These high-tech counterfeit “miracles” will allow him to be accepted as God, as Christ returned.

But any “saving” will be short-lived. Once enthroned in Jerusalem (the end goal of Zionism), Satan will use his absolute dictatorship to unleash his greatest cruelties on the world. Worshiping the Antichrist will undoubtedly include human sacrifices – a practice consistently associated with Satan worship, from child sacrifices offered to the demonic Baal in the Old Testament, to today’s mock human sacrifices carried out by America’s elite at Bohemian Grove.

People of faith should stand united; not in their one-world religion but against the Illuminati.

Jesus warned: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”

Protocol 11:4: “The goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock.”

James Perloff is author of several books; his latest is Truth Is a Lonely Warrior.

First Comment from Dan:
No article on this subject can be complete without including the role of the last six Popes in this New World Order business plan. (I left out the one that only lived 33 days in 1978).   Since 1958 each Pope has rejected the primacy of Roman Catholicism and embraced the ecumenical policy called ‘interfaith dialog’.

I know most modern people think that’s about ‘brotherly love’, peace and understanding, but the fact remains that the religions and denominations contradict one another. When a pope says as John Paul II did that ‘all religions worship the same God’ he was coming from the pantheist paradigm of the United Nations.  His stated goal “to place the (Catholic) Church at the heart of a new religious alliance that would bring together Jews, Muslims and Christians in a great armada”.   Any religious person knows that every one of these religions would have to reduced to cultural meaninglessness to become one same thing.  Strip the religions to “unity” and what you get is pantheism – ie, “I am he and you are me and we are we and we are all together” like the Beatles song.  When I don’t know God from a bowl of cat food, or the cat, or a goldfish, or the trees – that’s pantheism.

Those in North America and Europe who assume the Vatican Church is gradually fading away don’t factor in the massive rise in converts in lower Africa and Southeast Asia. These very populations are also streaming into North America and parts of Europe.  The unspoken fact is that the Illuminati cult in control of the Vatican since 1958 have been deliberately chasing Europeans away, because we can figure out the New Church is counterfeit.  The “emerging Church” of new converts is along the lines of pantheist perception and “charismatic” expression. (the “false fire” of mass hypnotism and demonic obsession).

As the Jaques Attali article yesterday noted,  NWO Globalism was designed to created economic and other refugees who must perpetually be moving from zone to zone in pursuit of a living wage.   The “native” populations – currently indigenous Europeans and Europeans that settled North America have already dropped below the necessary birth rate to maintain their majority in their own countries – due to abortion as birth control and temporary self-sterilization with birth control pills or shots.


 By Seymour Light

Damascus 1840

What Henry Makow called  ‘the most famous instance of Satanic Jewish human ritual sacrifice’ took place in Damascus:

The salient points about the Damascus Affair are 1. a prominent Italian Capuchin monk, father Tommaso was ritually slaughtered (and his blood drained) by prominent Cabalist Jews. 2. They confessed and led authorities to his identifiable remains and clothing.

Read more… 9,073 more words

Freud’s Part in Our Satanic Possession

Shlomo Freud, a member of the Illuminati Bnai Brith, played a key role in mankind’s induction into the Cabala sex cult. Psychiatry may have a subversive hidden agenda; hardly a surprise given its origins.

Freud declined an invitation to travel saying, “a wealthy woman client might get well during my absence.”

“My mood depends very much on my earnings. Money is laughing gas for me.”

by Henry Makow Ph.D
(from Aug. 29, 2010)

Sigmund Shlomo Freud’s career illustrates how a satanic cult, the Illuminati, cast its morbid spell over humanity.

The Illuminati sprung out of the Sabbatean Jewish heresy of the 17th century.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was a Sabbatean who sold his perverted satanist beliefs to the world in the guise of science and medicine. The Illuminati-controlled media and education system hailed him as a great prophet.

The Sabbateans were a sex cult that indulged in every sexual perversion imaginable as a way of spitting in God’s eye. This is what satanists do: incest, pedophilia, orgies, homosexuality, everything that is unnatural and unhealthy.

Freud and his B’nai Brith (Illuminati) backers convinced the world that sexual desire (libido) is the primary motivation of human life, and that sexual satisfaction is the universal panacea. He taught that repressing sexual urges is harmful and results in neuroses. He taught that males experience castration anxiety and females suffer penis envy.

As an overture to incest and pedophilia, he taught that children have sexual feelings for their opposite-sexed parents and feel hostility to their same-sex parent. At the extreme, his “Oedipus Complex” states that a boy subconsciously wants to kill his father and rape his mother.

The philosopher Karl Popper said Freudian psychoanalysis is as devoid of scientific method as palm reading. Freud’s Oedipus Complex “has absolutely no scientific basis.”

Typical of a Satanist, Freud denied man’s spiritual dimension, our hunger for God exemplified by our spiritual ideals like harmony, love, truth and beauty.

The Kabbalah teaches that God has no characteristics and is unknowable.

Influenced by the Kabbalah, Freud taught that God is merely the projection of imaginary father figure designed to make us repress our sexual urges.

According to Wikipedia, Freud “is considered one of the most prominent thinkers of the first half of the 20th century, in terms of originality and intellectual influence.”


After joining the Masonic Jewish B’nai Brith in 1897, Freud’s stillborn career began a meteoric rise.

Psychology Professor David Bakan describes Freudian psychoanalysis as derivative of the Lurianic Kabbalah and the Zohar. Lurianic Kabbalah is a 2nd century Gnostic formulation which was picked up by Jewish heretic Sabbatai Zevi. [Sigmund Freud and The Jewish Mystical Tradition, (Beacon Press, Boston 1958)]

Freud discussed Kabbalah with a rabbi Chaim Bloch in 1920. The rabbi told Prof. Bakan that the two men argued when Freud proposed that Moses had been an Egyptian pharaoh, not a Jew.

Freud stormed off, leaving the rabbi alone in his study. It was then that Bloch saw books on the shelves which identified Freud as a follower of Sabbatai Zevi, (the Sabbatean founder.)

Freud thanked the members of B’nai Brith lodge for their support. Indeed, several members of the lodge provided the initiating cadre who founded the quackery of psychoanalysis.

According to E. Michael Jones, Freud’s Psychoanalytical Association was structured as a secret society. (Libido Dominandi, p. 122) Presumably, it had the same secret goals as the B’nai Brith, to subvert, exploit and enslave.

Freud’s letters revealed he regarded his clients as suckers.

He compared himself to a lion in a cartoon he saw. The lion is checking his watch at feeding time and asks, “where are my Negroes?” Freud said his patients were his “Negroes”. (Jones p. 116)

Freud declined an invitation to travel saying, “a wealthy woman client might get well during my absence.”

“My mood depends very much on my earnings. Money is laughing gas for me,” he wrote. (116)

Called the “talking cure,” psychoanalysis was a scam. As Michael Jones writes, for a fee, rich people received absolution for their guilty pleasures and permission to proceed.

Jones believes psychoanalysis was based on the Illuminati initiatory ritual and is a form of mind control.

“Both were based on having the patient or adept give in-depth, quasi-confessional “examinations of conscience” during which they told the Illuminist controller or psychotherapist details of their personal lives which could later be used against them. Both Illuminism and psychoanalysis ended up as covert forms of psychic control, whereby the controller learned of the adepts dominant passion and manipulated him accordingly.” (p.127)

The bottom line is that psychiatrists, whether they know it or not, are part of this satanic secret society. The true Illuminati goal is to make people sick and take their money. This would explain why psychiatrists are putting millions of people, including children, on drugs. See also: “The Soviet Art of Brainwashing.”

The secret society model may apply to the medical profession as a whole, as well as to other professions.

Freud was a precursor of Alfred Kinsey, the pervert who killed himself trying to masturbate. Kinsey filled his famous Rockefeller-sponsored report with the behavior patterns of his fellow homosexuals. Thus, he convinced Americans that promiscuity and deviance were the norm.

Similarly Freud had an affair with his wife’s sister, Minna Bernays, who got pregnant. His psychiatric theories about incest and sex were attempts to exonerate himself. Ironically, Adam Weishaupt, the Illuminati organizer, also got his sister-in-law pregnant.

Freud went through a period where he was enamored by the salutary properties of cocaine. When some friends became addicted, he supposedly gave it up. However Wikipedia reports: “Some critics have suggested that most of Freud’s psychoanalytical theory was a byproduct of his cocaine use.”


Sigmund Freud illustrates that modern culture is controlled by a satanic cult, to degrade and enslave mankind. We have been duped by Satanists in the guise of science and medicine.

Satanists promote sexual excess and deviance to enslave humanity. “Anything goes,” is the satanist watchword. Freud gave society permission to go hog wild.

Free sex tramples marriage and family, institutions necessary for social stability and health. It debases every human relationship to the lowest common denominator, sex. It presents sex and “relationships” as the single gateway to personal development and happiness.

For the past 200 years, progress and enlightenment have been measured in terms of increased sexual license, until today we genuflect at the obscene antics of obese, naked “gay pride” paraders.

This is “progress” in satanic terms. We are the victims of a diabolical multi-generational conspiracy which grows more brazen every day.

Thanks to Richard Evans for his valuable research.

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Sabbateans and the Golden Dawn



Savile’s Travels: How Sir Jimmy Was Fingered as Peter Sutcliffe’s Accomplice

21st Century WireIt’s not that big of a stretch, and you’d have to be in avoidance mode not to look into it.There seemed to be an unnatural synergy between them, a correlation that appears to have escaped the authorities and the media, until now.

It’s known that Broadmoor’s esteemed patron, Sir Jimmy Savile, had befriended one Peter Sutcliffe, known as “The Yorkshire Ripper”, who was moved to the secure mental hospital in Berkshire following his mass murdering spree.

Jim’ll Fix it: Serial killer Peter Sutcliffe meeting with Frank Bruno, arranged by… Sir Jimmy Savile.

Sir Jim even fixed a meet-and-greet between the Ripper and boxing champ Frank Bruno at Broadmoor in 1991, when Big Frank came to open a boxing gym inside.

Pals Jim and Pete shared a passion for predatory, sadistic and violent sex practices. Nurses at Broadmoor can testify to hearing Sir Jim booming with laughter at the Ripper’s jokes coming from inside Sutcliffe’s cell.

But how did we miss this one: multiple murder crime scenes put Sutcliffe uncomfortably close to Savile at multiple locations in Leeds at the time of the murders – a realisation which places Sir Jimmy squarely in the frame with the Yorkshire Ripper.

According to the Sun’s Professor David Wilson, one of Britain’s top experts on serial killers, police must now investigate whether or not the pair’s unusual bond developed before Sutcliffe was caught. The Sun article explains:

 “Another crime expert even thinks BBC star Savile could have turned killer himself in his craving for more and more perverted thrills. And the family of Sutcliffe’s first victim are demanding that cops question the killer, now 66, to find out if Savile was involved in any of the 13 Ripper murders or helped cover them up.

The newspapers pushing the envelope on the Savile-Sutcliffe connection this past weekend were the Sunday Sport, the Sun and others – with broadsheets staying mostly clear of the that angle.

There is also the assertion by the Sunday Sport that Jimmy Savile may be connected with the murder of Crimewatch’s Jill Dando, of whom it’s been said was threatening to expose Savile’s paedophile activities nationally at the time. If there is a link here, then the media should also revisit the show trial of Barry George, the mentally ill patsy who was originally charged with Dando’s killing, but was eventually acquitted for the murder in 2008.

Savile also boasted of his use of ­violence and links to IRA gangsters when filmed during Louis Theroux’s infamous BBC documentary.

More interestingly, however, is that the Sunday Sport and Sun’s revelations appear almost verbatim from an Oct 11th interview on the UK Column Live show – where award-winning filmmaker Bill Maloney of Pie and Mash Films had  previously laid out out a damning case detailing the clear connection between Jimmy Savile and Peter Sutcliffe.

Maloney explains, “After the release of our documentary Sun Sea & Satan in 2008, a victim from Haut de la Garenne came forward with the names of Jimmy Savile and Wilfred Brambles (of Steptoe & Son). Later, in September 2012, a month before I did the UK Column Live interview with Brian Gerrish, I realized that there is horrendous information that the National press are not disclosing.”

Filmmaker Bill Maloney has been somewhat of a trailblazer in the arena of child abuse activism in the UK, through his personal crusade against chronic institutional child sex abuse throughout the UK, but most his work had fallen on deaf ears when it came to the mainstream media, until now.

Filmmaker Bill Maloney: knew about Savile long before the mainstream media and the BBC would admit it.

“We’re at the point now where the mainstream media is beginning to admit that the child abuse and paedophilia issue is not just about one man Jimmy Savile, but admitting to a wider systematic problem, because they’ve been forced into it by the alternative media such as ourselves”, says Maloney.

Among other revelations and connections, the Sunrevealed that Sutcliffe victim Irene Richardson was killed in 1977 – only yards from where Jimmy Savile demanded oral sex from his paperboy, and another murder victim was knifed by the Ripper in front of Savile’s other Leeds home at the time.

Allegations first surfaced following the infamous ITV documentary where Savile sexually abused inmates at hospitals – to which Sir Jim had his own set of keys. This is crucial, as both Savile and Sutcliffe, it seems, shared their dark enthusiasm for necrophilia. So investigators might consider here, the uglier possibility that Sir Jim could be involved in multiple murders, perhaps even whilst on duty, roaming the halls of the infirmary, looking for – or worse, creating, a freshly deceased, and still ‘warm’  fix. It’s safe to say that the mainstream media ignored much of the research carried out by the alternative media researchers like Bill Maloney who looked into crime scenes like Haut de la Garenne, and has not properly explored the links between serial predators like Savile and known serial killers like Sutcliffe.

Thus far, it’s the ‘tabloid press’ – namely the Mirror, Express, Sun, Daily Star, and Sunday Sport, who have taken on the more risky angles of this story, whereas editors at the Guardian, The Independent, Telegraph and Times have mostly stayed clear of dirty aspects of Savile like necrophilia, murder, and his affection for the Yorkshire Ripper. Perhaps they feel it’s too grim, and something reserved for the gutter press.

What is clear now, however, is that this is officially a national emergency which requires ‘all hands on deck’ from a press and media point of view.

But we have an even bigger theme now in play with the Savile-Sutcliffe link. If Savile is eventually linked to Sutcliffe or any other Savile murders turn up, then anyone who covered for Jimmy – including the BBC, would, in theory, be guilty, in theory, of aiding and abetting a mass murderer.

Everyone over the years it seems, the police, the press – even the great BBC, all covered for Jimmy Savile. Why?  Because he was a ‘fixer’. ….

Watch Bill Maloney’s harrowing documentary film, ‘Sun Sea and Satan’, bravely shot on corruption-ridden island of Jersey:

Former archbishop lambasts David Cameron

Government is aiding and abetting secularisation of UK and leaving Christians feeling persecuted, says Lord Carey

george carey former archbishop

George Carey: ‘This government is in danger of alienating a large minority who only a few years ago would have been considered pillars of society.’ Photograph: Murdo Macleod for the Guardian

A former archbishop of Canterbury has attacked David Cameron for doing more than any other recent political leader to feed Christian anxieties that they are part of a persecuted minority.

Lord Carey said it was a bit rich to hear Mr Cameron tell religious leaders to face down aggressive secularisation when the coalition seemed to be aiding and abetting such practices.

In an article for the Daily Mail, he wrote: “I like David Cameron and believe he is genuinely sincere in his desire to make Britain a generous nation where we care for one another and where people of faith may exercise their beliefs fully.

“But it was a bit rich to hear that the prime minister has told religious leaders that they should ‘stand up and oppose aggressive secularisation’ when it seems that his government is aiding and abetting this aggression every step of the way.

“At his pre-Easter Downing Street reception for faith leaders, he said that he supported Christians’ right to practise their faith. Yet many Christians doubt his sincerity. According to a new ComRes poll, more than two-thirds of Christians feel that they are part of a persecuted minority. Their fears may be exaggerated because few in the UK are actually persecuted, but the prime minister has done more than any other recent political leader to feed these anxieties.

“He seems to have forgotten, in spite of his oft-repeated support for the right of Christians to wear the cross, that lawyers acting for the coalition argued only months ago in the Strasbourg court that those sacked for wearing a cross against their employer’s wishes should simply get another job.”

Lord Carey said he was very suspicious that behind plans for gay marriage “there lurks an aggressive secularist and relativist approach towards an institution that has glued society”.

He added: “The danger I believe that the government is courting with its approach both to marriage and religious freedom is the alienation of a large minority of people who only a few years ago would have been considered pillars of society.”


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By Seymour Light

 Oprah Winfrey Show

A case of Jewish child ritual murder  was described on the Oprah Winfrey show, in 1989.  For years the video was banned by the ADL, but it has nowresurfaced. (‘Jews Protest Sacrifice Tale on Oprah Show’ as reported in the Chicago Tribune, 5/7/89) A courageous lady called Vicky Polin was interviewed on May Day:

Read more… 5,164 more words

Understanding the Anti-Christ

By Rixon Stewart on July 19, 2013

Nearly one hundred years ago Russia underwent a revolution that was to be echoed decades later in China.

In historical terms, Russia transformed almost overnight from Imperial Russia to the Soviet Union. From being a largely peasant society ruled by an all powerful Emperor, Russia became a supposedly egalitarian state.
Ostensibly classless, Lenin’s proclamations about the proletariat and the rights of workers were used to dupe the masses. For ultimately Russian communism was based on one thing and one thing only: a belief in the absolute precedence of materialism.
That’s why according to his grandson John Schiff, to ensure its success millionaire Jacob Schiff “sank about 20 million dollars for the final triumph of Bolshevism”.  For communism was essentially the brainchild of the super rich and served their purposes, rather than those of the ‘workers’.
So despite claims of a more equitable distribution of wealth and although Russia’s leaders may have cloaked their real intentions with political jargon, materialism was still the bedrock on which Russian communism was built.
In the eyes of Soviet political commissars any type of spiritual belief was consequently seen as a form of heresy.
Resolutely atheistic, they elevated ‘scientific materialism’ over and above any spiritual faith, which they deemed as little more than superstition at best, and a threat to “communism” (i.e. faith in materialism) at worst.
However neither the industrial nor agrarian workers enjoyed much in the way of economic benefit from this new dispensation. They were too busy trying to meet harvest and production targets for that.
In other words, their lives were totally beholden to the dictates of materialism.
With hindsight we now know that Russian communism simply didn’t work. Beyond its failure as a political and economic system it also brought unprecedented suffering to millions in the gulags.
Although they are not openly saying as much, but perhaps mindful of the failures of Russian communism, China’s leaders seem intent on moving modern China away from its communist origins, although they haven’t entirely dispensed with the political nomenclature.
Nonetheless despite outward political transformation materialism still remains paramount in China. Only now flashy Western designer labels have replaced the drab garb of Maoist times
Having recently returned to China the ongoing economic growth is startling and it’s taking place at a phenomenal pace.
To give but one example: when I first visited Beijing just over a decade ago the city had but two subway lines. Today China’s capitol has an extensive subway network that is bigger than New York’s or the London Underground and it’s still growing. Indeed it is now the second biggest subway system in the world, after Shanghai’s.
In the seven years since I was last in Beijing some areas are now barely recognisable. Thankfully the hotel I stayed in before remained the same but many of the takeaways and work-a-day convenience stores in the surrounding area have now gone. Replaced instead by showrooms for Rolls Royce, Range Rover and Maserati.
While the other hotels in the area, which although respectable and middle range when I last visited, have been upgraded or replaced by new establishments that wouldn’t be of place in Mayfair or Las Vegas.
In essence it is materialism writ large, with the Chinese having been transformed from the regimented workers of little more than two decades ago into savvy consumers intent on getting ahead today.
Although China’s outward appearance may have changed the governing principle remains the same however. It is faith in materialism but like any faith differences come in how those principles are seen to operate in this world.
With materialism it can manifest as either capitalism or communism, because although we’ve been told that they are at opposite ends of the political spectrum they both stem from the same fundamental belief: a faith in the primacy of material wealth.
Making the differences between capitalism and communism little more than those within other faiths, such as Catholicism and Protestantism, or Sunni and Shia. In each case the faith has the same foundation, be it the Bible or the Koran, the differences come in how its fundamental principles are interpreted.
In materialism’s terms, is the article of faith dispensed equally or according to merit and if so who or what determines what is worthy of merit? Either way, belief in the primacy of materialism remains fundamental.
In view of this it’s no surprise that China and Russia have gone down the same route: empire and revolution followed by decades of communist totalitarianism and now, with the end of the old order, renewed economic growth.
Both nations are now seeing a burgeoning middle-class, a fact that was apparent on my most recent visit to Beijing, where unprecedented economic growth has been the norm for over a decade. While Russia has displayed the sort of economic resilience and stability that many in the West can now only yearn for.
So does that mean both nations will go the same way as the U.S.? Where the pioneering spirit of innovation that once prevailed in America’s early years has been replaced by Wall Street and a culture that thrives in consumerism and greed. Where the free market economy once vaunted as an integral part of the “American way of life” has transformed like Frankenstein into corporate monstrosities such as Monsanto.
Where the spirit of technical innovation that saw the Wright brothers pioneer flight just over a century ago has grown into a multi-billion dollar arms industry wreaking death and destruction across the world.
Of course this isn’t only confined to America, large parts of the West seem to be afflicted by a similar malaise. Only in America the fruits of a culture in terminal decline are all too evident and there may be a reason for this.
As Les Visible has opined in regard to other matters, this maybe for the purposes of demonstration. An episode in time that will provide future historians with an example to help illustrate a lesson. So that future generations will look back at America’s impending collapse and learn.
It may not be apparent for years yet or even decades but there may be a lesson in this for all humanity. It’s also why I don’t think either Russia or China will follow the same route the U.S. is about to go sprawling down.
Indeed it’s a lesson that may cause many to pause before following the same precipitous path.

Already the smarter Americans are getting out. Les Visible is one such and he’s not the only one, others are getting ready to leave too. Their haste to leave may be because they sense, if only subconsciously, what a gifted psychic friend spotted some time back.

Christ incarnated in this world nearly 2,000 years ago for the purposes of illustration; to demonstrate a point that humanity would hopefully learn from. Now his counterpoint has incarnated in this world, also to illustrate another complimentary lesson. We’ll call him what the ancient Zoroastrians and more recently Christian esoteric researcher Rudolf Steiner called him, we’ll call him Ahriman and he’s currently resident in North America.
His presence during America’s impending collapse is meant to illustrate a lesson about materialism and ourselves. Because far from being an inhuman ogre, Ahriman embodies many qualities that are an integral part of being human. Or to put it another way, humanity carries within it the same potential attributes as Ahriman. It’s just without equilibrium, without the counterbalance of qualities exemplified by Christ, these attributes become monstrous.
It cannot be overemphasised however, that he’s not incarnated as some monstrous figure presiding over blood sacrifices. He’s nothing like that. Instead he exhibits some very useful attributes: the sort of logical accomplishment, drive and management of material resources that has gone into the building of Beijing’s subway system.
We embody many of his characteristics and they can indeed be useful.
His current incarnation’s career path thus far has been a lesson in itself. He’s been a scientist and project leader in one of America’s most prestigious research organisations. From there, while still in his mid thirties, he moved into the world of banking and finance at the very highest level.
Now he appears to be preparing to enter the world of politics from where he will no doubt meet with more success. Yet he’s accomplished so much in so many different fields and, at the time of writing, he’s still not even 40.
However, I’m not going to name him because many will throw up their hands in disbelief and denial, especially Americans.
But then they would. As their country collapses, morally, spiritually, financially and maybe even militarily, if they embark on war with Iran, Ahriman will be there to preside over it all. His presence Illustrating for future generations the dangers of putting faith solely in material things: the inherent hazards in the pursuit of science, logic and financial fulfilment without consideration for compassion, common sense and deeply felt human emotions.
It’s this lack of balance and perspective that has given rise to the horrors of Depleted Uranium and Genetic Engineering. He’s here to illustrate the dangers of elevating science in pursuit of material profit to the exclusion of all else.
The inherent hazard of putting material considerations over and above any higher emotional impulses should be obvious. Nonetheless there are many who are completely blind to it, which is why he’s here to help illustrate this point. Just as Jesus Christ tried to exemplify its antithesis 2,000 years ago.
Indeed it may be that many so-called Christians, especially if they’re American, may even come to look upon this scientist and financier as he ascends politically as some sort of Messiah.
He’s not but there’s a lesson to be learned as he prepares to move into the realm of U.S. politics. I’m not going to provide a link to confirm this or provide a photo of him, although some exist. Nor do I expect readers to take my word for it. Just watch the U.S. political scene in the next 12 months.
Finally, for those who aren’t familiar with the name Ahriman he’s known by another moniker that maybe more familiar. Ahriman is an ancient name for Satan: Lord of the material realm and master of the dark sciences.

When Satanists Make the Rules


(“It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but of what is perceived as true.” -Henry Kissinger, left)

“It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.” – Henry Kissinger – See more at:
“It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.” – Henry Kissinger – See more at: REMINDER OF WHERE WE STAND

“The foundation of the Christian family is the sacrament of matrimony, the spring of all domestic and public morals. The anti-Christian societies [i.e. Illuminati] are opposed to the principle of home. When they have destroyed the hearth, the morality of society will perish.”  Benjamin Disraeli (Lothair, 1870)

by Henry Makow Ph.D,

Most people don’t understand the scale and success of the “Conspiracy.”

The “Conspiracy” is the Establishment now. The “New World Order” is not something in the future. The Illuminati were refreshed in 1776 and immediately gained the upper hand in Europe and America. Using Freemasonry as vehicle, they grew in power throughout the 19th century and have been in charge since 1913.

Freedom and democracy are fascades used to control the masses. They are window dressing to hide our true Masters and their agenda.

Our Masters began as a Jewish heresy called “Sabbatean-Frankists” who impersonated every religion and nationality to gain world power. They are the Iluminati. Their bankers finagled ownership of the British money supply in 1694 and are expanding this credit monopoly into a monopoly over human life, i.e. Communism. 

They are supplanting God and redefining reality according to their self-interest and perversity. When Satanists make the rules, they invert right and wrong, truth and falsehood, good and evil. For example, our leaders are mostly traitors to the nation state.

Wars are designed to kill or degrade the goyim. The Illuminati shaped modern history and culture with this end in mind.They control the corporations, politicians, military, Intelligence agencies, education and the all-important mass media. Our “leaders” are controlled through blackmail.


Society is a willing accomplice in its gradual self-destruction. In general, the goyim unconsciously know what  to do to get a piece of the scam.  Organized Jewry has been agents of the banker “internationalist” agenda for a long time. With their help, Western nations have been flooded by immigrants. Whites are becoming a minority. The Illuminati goal is to re-engineer and induct humanity into their satanic cult (Cabalism) by destroying “every collective [human] identity,” including race, religion, nation and family.


Freemasonry is Cabalism for gentiles, It’s a way for the goyim to get a share of the banker scam. It behaves like Judaism does, networking and discriminating against outsiders. Dr. Isaac Wise wrote: “Freemasonry is a Jewish Institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from  beginning to end.”

Freemasonry, like Cabalism, is Satanism. So we are not in doubt, the Masonic archives were seized in Budapest in an anti-Jewish reaction in 1919. Christians read that at the B’nai Brith Conference in 1897, the Grand Master said:

“We must spread the spirit of revolt  among the workers. It is they whom we shall send to the barricades, seeing that their desires are never satisfied, for we have need of their discontent to ruin Christian civilization and hasten anarchy. It is necessary that the moment arrive when the Christians shall come themselves and implore the Jews to take control.”
(Cecile Tormay, “An Outlaw’s Diary”)

Clearly, Organized Jewry and their Masonic goy lackeys are Illuminati tools. Banning criticism of Jews and Israel is another way of saying you cannot name or criticize your Masters. Ordinary Jews are kept in the dark, better to be duped and serve as camoflage.

ottawa.jpg(City logo. 666. If this were not intentional, someone would have noticed and changed it.)


None of this is new to many of you. We live in a cognitive dissonance. The media is constantly telling us we’re free while at the same time censoring the truth and diverting us with nonsense. We have to keep repeating the truth like a mantra. Masonic monuments dot our cities. The Ottawa city logo is 666. It is everywhere– on all street signs, city vehicles and buses!


Illuminati symbols are on major corporations. Movies and TV purvey obscenity. Society has been thoroughly sexualized. Schools teach children to experiment with homosexuality. Governments launch terror attacks on their own citizens with the complicity of the mass media. Increasingly, society risks going insane.

In its Gadarene drive to decadence, society has alienated its sane minority. What does this tiny minority do? Is Civil Disobedience the answer?

The Illuminati are “banking” on the slaves loving their slavery.
We have no choice but to be bystanders in a satanic freakshow until conditions get so bad that even the slaves revolt. Is the novel “1984” prophetic?

In the meantime, we can set a positive example in our personal lives, and help others to understand that our political and social institutions have lost moral legitimacy.  That is why the Illuminati need to create a police state, to rule by force rather than by right. –

James said (May 30, 2013):

Another great article re: the Illuminati slave masters, concise and to the point.

I find almost all the people I know, family members included, are completely unaware of anything you wrote about.

And what is alarming to me is they do not want to know. They seem to be complacent in their ignorance. Almost arrogant about it.

I live just south of you in West Central Minnesota. Today I had conversations with two different men both in the local farming business.
I broached the subject of GMO seeds and crops with both of them, one a farmer, the other operates the local farmers cooperative selling seeds and other agriculture supplies.

When I conversed with the farmer and asked him why he and other farmers in our area plant GMO corn. He answered by rubbing his forefinger and thumb together indicating is was the money. He had no other comment even when I told him that GMO seeds were being banned in many European and Asian countries. My comments diidn’t even prompt a question or a comment.

When I asked the cooperative manager how much of his business entailed the sale of GMO corn and soy bean seeds, he replied all of the farmers in the area plant them. He knew of none that used the “old fashioned” kind. He also made no comment when I remarked about that GMO seeds were being banned.

These men are “brain dead”, ignorant , or they are stupid. They don’t care to even be informed.
They are the ‘slaves’ you write about. And they really don’t know it. They do not have eyes that see reality. They really live in the “matrix”, and don’t know it.

Thank you for being “there”. Don’t go away.

Asim said (May 29, 2013):

Excellent and timely article. Over here in the UK, Ofsted, the regulating body that checks the teaching standards in schools and other public services, recently recommended that children in primary schools be taught about -Pornography!!…and the dangers associated with it. They made a serious case for it-that it be incorporated in all schools as part of their Personal, social, health and education syllabuses.

What sickened me more was how a number of spineless parents were all too eager to renounce their parental rights and duty and agree to children being exposed to pornography, all the better to inform that on the subject. Schools are a breeding ground for their satanic agenda, Henry, and I can attest to that. Recently, my daughter who is 7 years old, started her school swimming lessons. She was forced to strip naked in front of her entire class, boys and girls alike, as all the changing rooms were being occupied by other pupils from different schools!!! 30 7 year old boys and girls being indoctrinated to strip naked in front of each other and their teachers, without a question raised. Needless to say, my wife put a stop to that. All this from a top Church of England school with supposedly high christian values!!!!!

On another note, the government is pushing through the Communictions Data Bill, otherwise known as the snoop charter. It will give them access to peoples emails/phone calls and internet records, all in the name of preventing islamic extremism. Oooops, better watch what I say! At least I can lead them to your excellent website Henry!!!

The satanists are truly in full swing.

Dan said (May 29, 2013):

“When Satanists Make the Rules”

Paddy Chayevsky (author of 1975 screenplay, “Network”) , said nearly 40 years ago, “How do you preserve yourself in a world that doesn’t mean much anymore?”

Back when most Americans thought “Illuminati” was an Italian pasta, the movie said out loud that “there is no America, there is no democracy. There’s only IBM, ITT, and AT&T, Dupont, Dow, Union Carbide, and Exxon. Those ARE the nations of the world today”.

“It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet…. am I getting through to you, Mr. Beale?”

Chayevsky also showed how everyone in the TV network succumbed through their own ethical weaknesses. The head of the news department was courageous enough to lose his career rather than embrace new socially irresponsible programming for ratings, but he was easily seduced by a young TV programmer, leaving his wife with massive emotional damage to his family. The young TV programming director stole his job – which was her real goal.

That’s how Freemasonry works. Advancement eventually requires betrayal of friends and family – at first to ‘prove’ trustworthiness to the Order, but it becomes a brotherhood of secrets of sins. The moral compass is turned upside down, it becomes a ‘virtue’ to betray “the profane” – the suckers.
Freemasonry is one of many incarnations of cult of Cain.

Church father Hippolytus exposed the secret of such secret societies in the ‘Refutation of all Heresies’ that their initiations drew naive members into greater ‘degrees’ of perverted and criminal acts to make them accomplices in deeds that were not only embarrassing if revealed, but carried severe criminal penalties if made public. The members were therefore bound forever to the ‘brotherhood’. Consider why criminal sexuality is so prevalent among politicians and religious authorities. Blackmail and extortion are Satanist’s specialty.
Network – “We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies”

JG said (May 29, 2013):

Kissinger well knows that what the world perceives as truth is an Illuminati Manufactured Lie. There is no turning back now, the path to world destruction is on cruise control. The populations of the western nations have fallen to these Cabalists because they loved their lives of “ease and luxury” too much and were willing to cut any kind of deal with the devil to keep that life.

– See more at:

Drones for Christ

Source: Sojourners
Wednesday, June 19, 2013

LIBERTY UNIVERSITY in Lynchburg, Va., was founded by televangelist Jerry Falwell. Its publications carry the slogan “Training Champions for Christ since 1971.” Some of those champions are now being trained to pilot armed drones, and others to pilot more traditional aircraft, in U.S. wars. For Christ.

Liberty bills itself as “one of America’s top military-friendly schools.” It trains chaplains for the various branches of the military. And it trains pilots in its School of Aeronautics (SOA)—pilots who go up in planes and drone pilots who sit behind desks wearing pilot suits. The SOA, with more than 600 students, is not seen on campus, as it has recently moved to a building adjacent to Lynchburg Regional Airport.

Liberty’s campus looks new and attractive, large enough for some 12,000 students, swarming with blue campus buses, and heavy on sports facilities for the Liberty Flames. A campus bookstore prominently displays Resilient Warriors, a book by Associate Vice President for Military Outreach Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Robert F. Dees. There’s new construction everywhere you look: a $50 million library, a baseball stadium, new dorms, a tiny year-round artificial ski slope on the top of a hill. In fact, Liberty is sitting on more than $1 billion in net assets.

The major source of Liberty’s money is online education. There are some 60,000 Liberty students you don’t see on campus, because they study via the internet. They also make Liberty the largest university in Virginia, the fourth largest online university anywhere, and the largest Christian university in the world.

More than 23,000 online students are in the military—twice as many as students who live on campus. Liberty offers extra financial support to veterans and those on active duty, allowing them to be credited for knowledge learned in the military and to study online from a war zone.

Liberty has been turning out “Christ-centered aviators” for a decade. In fall 2011, Liberty added a concentration in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS, aka drones), making it one of the first handful of schools to do this. Now at least 14 universities and colleges in the U.S. have permits from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly drones, and many institutions, including community colleges, offer drone training.

If one chooses to concentrate studies on piloting drones, the load will include a half dozen courses on “intelligence.” Liberty students can also pick up a minor in strategic intelligence and take courses in terrorism and counterterrorism. (Liberty’s school of government brags that Newt Gingrich helped develop its course on “American exceptionalism.”)

Currently, the vast percentage of drone pilots are training for war, but that is widely expected to change in the next few years. Congress has instructed the FAA to integrate drones into U.S. domestic airspace by September 2015.

Liberty’s School of Aeronautics has six faculty members, five of whom have spent 15 to 30 years in the military—four in the Air Force, one in the Navy. Dave Young, dean of the SOA, spent 29 years in the Air Force and retired as a brigadier general. Last summer, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell appointed Young to serve on the Virginia Aviation Board.

“[Drones] are going to be a viable part of the aviation industry,” Young said in a Liberty Journal article last summer. “It offers a grand opportunity for employment during a time when college graduates are entering a highly competitive job market.” He also acknowledged that the technology could be misused. “Our mission is to produce graduates who are not only skilled, but who are going to go out in the world as strong Christians,” Young said.

John Marselus, SOA associate dean, concurred. “We want to have graduates serving the Lord in this area of aviation,” he said.

I exchanged emails with Young about Liberty’s drone program. He described it as a four-year degree program in Unmanned Aerial Systems and said that it includes “flying UAS vehicles in an authorized and controlled environment.” But, he added, “the focus on the program is not only on actual drone operations, but the command and control aspect, management of resources, and the various missions that UAS are capable of supporting.”

The Virginia legislature recently became the first in the nation to impose a moratorium on drone use—lasting two years. That might have been a concern for Liberty. But before he would sign the bill, Gov. McDonnell made some exceptions to the drone ban, including emphasizing quite strongly that educational drone programs, including Liberty’s, would not be affected.

“We very much appreciate the governor’s continuing support of the development of the Unmanned Aerial Systems presence in the Commonwealth,” Young wrote to me. “Particularly as it is a rather contentious issue due to the lack of understanding concerning the missions UAS can perform that aid the public at a much reduced cost.”

I asked Young about drones’ most common use today, namely war fighting. “Is that kind of drone use Christian?” I asked.

“I can only offer my perspective as a Christian,” he replied. “UAS are like any other aerial vehicle that can be used for a variety of missions including law enforcement, aerial surveillance, search and rescue, and crop spraying as well as for military reasons. As a former military combat aviator, I believe that UAS can be employed just like a manned aircraft and that there should not be a distinction between the two.”

A brochure promoting the Liberty School of Aeronautics features a photo of  Dan McCready, First Lieutenant USAF, who is quoted, “Since I was very young, I’ve dreamed about becoming a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. Liberty’s aviation program gave me the opportunity to make my dream a reality, helping me to realize that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Tim Carentz obtained his undergraduate degree from Liberty, works for the Air Force now, and is pursuing a master’s in divinity from Liberty. Carentz told me he could not speak for the Air Force, but as a Liberty student and a pastor he believes “it’s biblical to have a national pride.”

“I believe authorities are put in place with the approval of God,” Carentz assured me. “If he didn’t want them there, he could easily remove them.”

Jesus flipping the bird

He also discussed how good members of the military can be and how there are opportunities for evangelism.

“If there were no Christians in the military, how would they instill love and discipline?” he said. “There are people pulled right from the ghetto who have nothing and who come into the military. And maybe their first supervisor is a Christian, and he takes them to the foot of the cross and leads them to Christianity, and they share that with their family, and you save generations.”

At Liberty, the military is considered a tool for Christian missionaries. But what, I asked, about killing people with drones?

“I can understand why some support [them], and I can understand why others don’t support [them]. Our job is to pray,” said Carentz, “and to understand that things will continue to get worse until Christ returns.”

Richard Emery obtained a bachelor’s in finance from Liberty and went to Afghanistan with the Air Force. But Emery left the military in 2010. He told me he was troubled by what he saw as a pursuit of vengeance rather than justice.

“I’ve thought about this a lot, how we’re supposed to be forgiving and yet fight wars against enemies,” he said. “We blame Osama bin Laden for what happened on Sept. 11; one time I was in Japan, and they had a picture of him in a urinal. You were supposed to pee on his face. I thought, ‘I don’t feel right about this.’ I’m not going after some kind of vendetta. I just want to bring justice. You’re supposed to be forgiving, but you’re supposed to do your job. I’m not going over there holding a grudge against Osama bin Laden. All the people we’re killing, you know, I’d like to see them get saved.”

“I have no problem taking another person’s life,” said Emery, “if it would promote peace and liberty and the interest of the country we’re in. I have no problem giving my life for it. I’d end up going to heaven, so it doesn’t really bother me. But it becomes a problem when I start to doubt what we’re there for.”

Emery proposed the nuclear bombing of Japan as a model for how Afghanistan should be handled. “It was painful, but we dropped a couple of atomic weapons and they quit fighting, and now Japan is one of our closest allies.”

Emery expressed general disagreement with President Obama on “moral issues” until I asked about drones, and then he praised him.

“They’re cheaper. They’re effective. They’re tiny,” he said. “The difference between an F-15 and a drone is just the cost. If a baby is killed by a drone or an F-15 or a gun, the problem is with the intelligence, not with the drone.”

Emery, however, was clear on one thing. He doesn’t want drones patrolling our own skies or listening in on our cell phone conversations. In the view of this graduate, and others at Liberty, that wouldn’t be a godly thing to do.

David Swanson, host of Talk Nation Radio, is the author of War is a Lie and When the World Outlawed War.

Insider Explains that Satanist are Not all Alike


pedophilia.jpgNon-Traditional Satanists are truly bad guys.

They share the beliefs of their Traditional brethren,

but also employ extreme physical, sexual and

ritual abuse up to and including ritual human sacrifice.”

by Elijah  

I was raised in the Midwest during the 1960’s and ’70’s in a middle class American home. My dad was an avowed atheist. My mother was a Methodist who forced me to go to church, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School etc. Being a typical kid, church occasionally scared me half to death, but usually bored me to tears. I quit going as soon as I was old enough that she could no longer force me to go.

There was, however, a spiritual curiosity within me that made me begin to search for the truth – whatever that was. A co-worker and I became friends and over time he began to share his spiritual beliefs to me. As it turns out, he was an occultist – specifically a Rosicrucian. He began teaching me and opened my eyes to a spiritual universe that I did not even know existed. Eventually, I left the occult, but I became acquainted with its practices and beliefs.


One of the biggest mistakes that Christians make is that they lump all occult practitioners into a single group – calling them either “witches”, Devil Worshipers” or Satanists. This is a colossal mistake. There are literally thousands of occult brotherhoods and sisterhoods – called within their respective circles as “traditions”. 
Wiccan-300x200.png(Left, University of Missouri recognizes pagan, wiccan holidays.) 


Each Tradition has very specific beliefs, customs, rituals, practices etc. For example, Celtic witchcraft and Wicca hold very similar beliefs. They are both “White Magick” and seek to harness natural forces (IE Elemental Spirits) to do good (or at least what they see as good.) Their motto is “Harm none, do as ye will”. They worship “The Goddess” – a feminine deity that is sort of nondescript – she is often referred to as Diana, The Moon Goddess, or can also be seen as Mother Earth. Her male (and slightly subordinate) counterpart is Horus, or “The Horned One”. Wiccans can be the lady down the street, your local librarian or the girl (or boy) next door. They are generally harmless to anyone except themselves and those whom they deceive into joining them.


Generally, these traditions despise Satanists, seeing themselves as morally superior. Major “un-holy” days include Wolpurgis Night (April 30) Beltane (May 1st) Samhain (pronounced sah’-wen October 31, later changed to Halloween) and Yule (December 21st) – these “un-holy”days are shared by Druids, as well as many Traditional and Non-Traditional Satanists)


Satanists have literally a legion of sub groups, but they fall into one of two general categories: Traditional and Non-Traditional.


lavey.jpgA traditional Satanist does not necessarily worship Lucifer as a deity, but rather they are uber hedonists. They worship their own desires and have few if any moral limitations on how they go about fulfilling their lusts. Their rituals often employ a nude (and beautiful) woman lying horizontally on a table as an altar. Sexual gratification, and material wealth are often their end goals. While they do have the potential for violence, their practices are by far and away much more benign than their Non-Traditional counterparts. A textbook example of a Traditional Satanist is Anton Levey and his First Church of  Satan. This “church” was quite popular with the Hollywood A list elite from the late ’50’s thru the 70’s.


Non-Traditional Satanists are truly bad guys. They share all of the beliefs of their Traditional brethren, but also employ extreme physical, sexual and ritual abuse up to and including ritual human sacrifice. Pedophilia is commonplace and women are kept within the various groups as “breeders” specifically for the purpose of providing infants and children as sexual play toys and sacrificial victims.


dcodex_41.jpgThese folks often will use sex magick and ritual murder to summon demons to do their bidding and are almost without limit in power. Many, many public figures and world leaders are Non-Traditional Satanists. Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set is a prime example of the Non-Traditional Satanist. In fact, eye witnesses have claimed to have seen members of the US Congress and other ranking public officials actually kneel before him.


Luciferians are a whole other group. Their beliefs are essentially that Lucifer is the good “god” and Jesus usurped Lucifer’s rightful place as heir to the Throne of Yahovah – (called “God the Father” in church speak). Most of the Illuminati are Luciferians and are the originators of the concept of “The End Justifies the Means”. They consider their family blood lines to be superior to the rest of humanity, marrying only among other Illuminati families. In their minds, they are the Elite, superior to the entire human race in all ways, and the only ones qualified to rule because of their superior education, breeding, intellect, etc.


Contrary to popular myth, they are not Jewish, although some of them claim to be. Their blood lines are actually Europe’s “Black Nobility”, tracing their family trees back thru Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt all the way back to Ancient Babylon, where it all started with Fallen Angels breeding with human women (See Genesis 6).


actual zepperlintribune.jpgThere is some scientific evidence to support their belief that their family members do differ genetically from the rest of humanity. This group is mentioned in Revelation 2, Verse 9 as being members of “The Synagogue of Satan”. Side note: The Synagogue of Satan is a reference to where these people’s loyalties lie. However, there was a literal place called the Seat of Satan in Pergamos, which Hitler had deconstructed piece by piece and brought to Germany and reassembled. This is the location from which many of his more significant speeches were given.


Some luciferians are quite moral, ethical people, living by a very strict set of rules. These rules, however, are not generally the same morals shared by the rest of humanity. It is interesting to note, however, that one of their moral imperatives is that they warn the masses of their plans and intentions prior to their implementation. If the masses are “too stupid” or “too decadent” to recognize it, they are seen to “deserve” whatever destruction befalls them as a result. 


And while their honor code seems to allow for all manner of lies, deceit, deception to be perpetrated upon the masses, they do not break their word among themselves. Luciferians have a calendar all of their own, and quite frankly, I don’t know much about it except to say that they do place some emphasis on the dates I listed above, but I believe they have other days of significance as well.


There are literally thousands of other occult type practices found everywhere from Native American culture to the Caribbean (and ultimately West African) black arts generally lumped together under the generalized heading of Voodoo, to occult practices originating in Asia.


21st Century Satanism: A New Ethos

By Rixon Stewart on May 17, 2014

Rixon Stewart — May 16, 2014

There’s a new marketing campaign in which Satanism is being promoted; although you might not recognise the old devil because his eminence has been given a makeover. Vestiges of the old Satanism still exist, if you know what to look for, but increasingly they are being replaced by an updated version.
That updated look even comes with a new brand name.
In addition there’s also a new sales pitch. His eminence is no longer promising the root of all evil, although you will need a lot of that if you want a piece of what he’s now offering. Because Satan’s new sales pitch now also offers the promise of eternal life.
Although as with so many of his promises it comes with strings attached and woe betide you if you can’t keep up with the payments
It needs to be understood from the outset though that Satan is not an adversary of the Creator. It only seems that way from our limited worldly perspective. Satan’s an integral part of creation and subordinate to the Creator.
He’s also vital to human spiritual growth. By presenting us with challenges, which often manifest in our own wants and desires, Satan provides opposition to our development. It’s the essence of temptation and like an assault course or sparring partners, if we can overcome that opposition we grow stronger in ourselves.
If not we just have to try again, although we may not get that opportunity for another lifetime.
Before we reveal anything more about Satan’s new marketing drive we first need to recall a prophecy from nearly a century ago. Then, I think it was Christian esoteric teacher and researcher Rudolf Steiner who said that in the 21st century evil would begin to assume the appearance of stupidity and ignorance.
Well, guess what? The new Satanism has the all attributes that will appeal to the truly ignorant and stupid. Although it’s cloaked in the trappings of science
Russian mystic G.I.Gurdjieff also said words to the effect that “clever is sometimes stupid”: in reference to those whose over-developed intellects blind them to common-sense and the subtle promptings of the heart.
According to Gurdjieff such individuals are little better than buffoons and they are evident among the advocates of the new Satanisma although they don’t refer to it as such.
It’s called Transhumanism and its proponents believe that the day will come when disease and death will be things of the past. Through genetic engineering, hi-tech implants and the growth of new organs and body parts human beings will be able to live indefinitely.
Here’s how one of its proponents envisages life in 2050:
Robots have become an important family acquisition. Ability to replicate self-assembling robot parts in nanofactories, make these machines easily available and affordable. By 2050, technologies advancing at “Moore’s Law” speeds have produced an android-like creature nearly indiscernible from a human.
Programmed with Internet-downloaded software, 2050s household robots cater to our every whim. They also manage the nanorobots that whiz through our veins keeping us healthy 24/7, and monitor our safety when we connect to simulation events that whisk us away in a Star Trek Holodeck-like adventure.  (Source)
This sounds like the vision of someone who’s seen too many science fiction movies. More importantly however, these are the aspirations of someone who doesn’t seem to realise that life is not confined to the physical world alone.

Transhumanist sculpture at the site of the Bilderberg conference 2013 at Grove Hall, Hertfordshire, England. Click to enlarge

If any of these transhumanists had been Out Of Body they would know that what is experienced in the spiritual world is felt far more profoundly than our experiences in this realm. Particularly on an emotional level
If transhumanists had any real spiritual knowledge they would also know with absolute certitude that they had lived before in different lifetimes. These different incarnations are akin to different classrooms in school where various lessons are taught.
Some of those lessons are hard but they have to be learned
We all go through this although not all remember their previous lives for the simple reason that it’s not relevant to the lesson at hand. If we could see beyond our immediate lives we’d know we’ve lived many incarnations, in varied stations and genders.
This is why “racism” and “sexism” go hand-in-hand with spiritual ignorance. If we could see our other incarnations we’d know we all lived before as different races and genders. In each of these lives we learn specific lessons which those particular races and genders are best suited for.
For better or for worse, what happens in one incarnation resonates in the next.
In my last incarnation, for example, I was a young Polish Jew in Krakow. The son of a family of well-established jewellers, I was what is sometimes referred to as a “nebbish” and had things proceeded as normal I would have no doubt taken my place in the family business.
Indeed, if I had lived I might even have moved to America and grown into an old Zionist. However, it was not to be. I was less than ten-year-old when World War II broke out and the rest as they say is history, albeit revisionist history.
My family and I were hauled off to Auschwitz, I think, but what I encountered was not a death factory.
There were no gas chambers although there was forced labour and incidents of outright brutality. I know because in one such incident I, then a young Jewish boy less than ten-years-old, was shot in the head by a German guard or camp Kapo.
Nonetheless, I get the impression from those karmic memories that the activity going on at the camp was important to the German war effort. It wasn’t critical, such as producing arms, ammunition or fuel, but it was part of the overall war effort and involved sewing uniforms and the like.
The impact of that incarnation still resonates today. In that many of those I grew up with were Jews, both good and bad. While many of those I work with or correspond with today are also Jewish, albeit rebel Jews.
My previous incarnation resonates in this life in other ways too.
If a child dies prematurely in one incarnation it can have a positive impact in the next. So that in a future life the soul might incarnate in a body graced with beauty or athletic prowess.
This is why, in primitive societies where human sacrifice was practised, mothers would often willing give up their children for sacrifice. Because they knew it would have a beneficial effect for their child in its next incarnation.
In my particular case, the premature death in my previous incarnation has allowed me to evade death and serious injury on many occasions in this life.
It took some decades but after many close shaves, during combat in the Rhodesian Army Special Forces and after some really serious motorbike crashes, I began to suspect that something unusual was happening.
My last close shave really brought this home. Then, after a major motorcycle crash I was told that I had suffered “severe and extensive” brain-damage and might never work or walk again. Well I’m walking and I can still recall the look of shock and disbelief on the face of the brain surgeon who had operated on me when I walked into his office for a post-op assessment 3 months later.
“Unbelievable, unbelievable”, he muttered as he read through his notes on me during the assessment. He even phoned my regular doctor the next day to express his “astonishment” at the speed and extent of my recovery.
So we learn or acquire qualities in one incarnation, which manifest in later lives. Like graduating through different classes at school; in each lifetime/lesson we develop another facet of our being and as we are multifaceted beings we have to go through many lifetimes to fulfil our potential.
However Transhumanists want to opt out of this process. They seem to think that there is only one lifetime and they intend to stay in that one particular classroom for as long as they can.
In a way they’ve opted to stay in the classroom for dummies. However Transhumanism maybe more than just spiritually myopic, it might also be Satanically inspired too.
In “Satanism in the 21st Century: Source Code” I wrote:
Here it is worth recalling what esoteric researcher Rudolph Steiner had to say about Satan. Originally known by the ancient Persians as Ahriman, he strove to limit man’s higher evolution by keeping mankind limited to the physical world. He succeeded insofar as the elements in which he thrived were also resident in men. In their most extreme forms like greed, acquisitiveness and rampant overweening materialism, Ahriman is able to contain or at least deplete men’s enthusiasm for spiritual attainment.
Apart from being active in the world of banking, Ahriman is also very much at home in the realm of scientific materialism, where nothing is considered real unless it can be physically quantified. Ahriman is in his element here where natural remedies are anathema and where countless animals are routinely sacrificed in the name of scientific research and the pursuit of corporate profit.
This echoes almost exactly the ethos envisaged by the Transhumanists. The same pre-occupation with scientific materialism over and above basic human instincts; putting cold hard intellect before our finer feelings and emotions. Plus a belief in science that elevates it to the point where it almost becomes an article of faith.
At one recent conference on transhumanism, participants discussed what they perceive in the future:
The key moment that most transhumanists are looking forward to is known as “the Singularity”.  That is the moment when artificial intelligence will actually surpass human intelligence and a massive technological chain reaction will be triggered.
At which point biological intelligence will merge with artificial intelligence. Or so the transhumanists believe.
Transhumanist Mark Pesce is even more extreme.  He openly states that he believes that with transhumanism the day will come when we “become as gods”
Such hubris. Not only do the transhumanists fail to take into account the fact that there may be higher powers than themselves. They also seem to believe that they can do a better job than their Creator, even as they marginalize the very existence of the soul.
Truly, transhumanism has all the hallmarks of a Satanically inspired belief system.
In esoteric terms its proponents need to go to a spiritual version of boot camp and that’s probably where they are destined. There they will be instructed by the camp’s chief drill instructor, Satan/Ahriman, in all the lessons they missed during their previous incarnations when they dreamt about being gods.
Even now Satan/Ahriman awaits their arrival.

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