TPP & TTIP – what if…?

The absolute secrecy concerning the two US conglomerate driven ‘trade partnerships’ ought to have every democratically inclined plebian marching to their parliament or house of representatives. But no, the public are drowned out and too stupid to care.

It suddenly occurs to me, as we sit on the knife edge of the next global financial crisis, that perhaps the reason for the secrecy is that these ‘trade partnerships’ are in fact global agreements concerning either the Great Reset or the launch of the Global One World Currency (or both events).

The politicians will have been bought and paid for in advance. The corporations have written the legislation. The spyware was put in place with Windows 10 last year.

We know the fix has to be in, perhaps this is it!?




TPP Final Table of Contents




Related Instruments


US-Japan Bilateral Outcomes


3 thoughts on “TPP & TTIP – what if…?

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  2. Hurry & take a look now, before it is made illegal & verboten for a gentile to read or possess any copy of this document.

    Throw the “Dual Citizen” down the well – NOW!!

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