Clinton’s Disgraceful Three-Headed Crime Has Compromised the FBI

Nwo Report

Hillary played fast and loose—with both her system and the law

Hillary Clinton.  Austin Bay 

The first Clinton-Trump debate was Benghazi-less and all but criminality-less—but criminality wasn’t totally absent. In a brief exchange early in the debate, Donald Trump mentioned Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 missing emails.

“That was more than a mistake. That was done purposely. OK?”  Trump said, adding, “when you have your staff taking the Fifth Amendment—taking the Fifth so they’re not prosecuted—when you have the man that set up the illegal server taking the Fifth, I think it’s disgraceful.”

Trump raised his hand. A high five? No. The Crooked Fifth. A gesture mimicking the act of swearing in a criminal court or before a congressional investigating committee that possesses the power to subpoena evidence and punish perjury.

The mainstream media and its Democrat operatives with bylines missed the significance of Trump’s raised palm, but I’ll bet the majority of…

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