How Do Men Stay Faithful in a Sexualized Society?

How Do Men Stay Faithful in a Sexualized Society?

October 4, 2016

160829-abedin-weiner-split-inside-feature1.jpg(left, Anthony Weiner with Ex, Huma Abedin: A Lesson for all Men?)
Anthony Weiner is the latest in a long list of men
who have been destroyed by sex addiction. 
How do men resist temptation
in a society mad about sex? 
by Henry Makow Ph.D.
Anthony Weiner was a rising politician who destroyed his career because he is addicted to “sexting.”
He had to resign from Congress in 2011 for posting a Twitter picture of his bulging shorts, and lost the New York Mayoralty race in 2013 for sexting young women who were not his wife. He was leading in the Mayoralty race until the scandal broke.
His wife since 2010 was Huma Abedin, Hillary’s chief aide rumoured as the designate Secretary of State in the unlikely event of a Clinton presidency.  Huma divorced Anthony a month ago after he included his three-year-old son Jordan in a (not nude) picture. Clearly he was becoming a political liability for Huma’s boss.
Since then, Anthony had yet another sexting setback, this time having schoolgirl rape fantasies with a 15-year-old girl.  Criminal charges have been muted.

 Anthony Weiner is an universal laugh stock, dismissed as a lost cause. So “Weiner”, a fly-on-the-fly film account of his doomed 2013 Mayoralty race surprised me in many ways. I didn’t expect him to be so impressive as a politician and likeable as a human being. I know his addiction is perverted, degrading and pathetic but many politicians have done much worse. Yes, he broke his marriage vows in spirit but no one has accused him of physically cheating. 


I was even more surprised by Huma Abedin who I dismissed as Hillary’s lesbian lover (with Weiner as her “beard.”) She came across as very “wifey” deferring to her husband and dutifully phoning Hillary’s network to raise money for his campaign. Indeed, she stuck with him through the Mayoralty scandal and after. I was surprised at how they seemed like an average married couple with a toddler.
Weiner destroyed his career because he couldn’t overcome his sex addiction. New York City is a highly sexualized environment.  Sex is a unit of exchange. NYC is on the vanguard of a worldwide trend to make sex even more accessible.  Sexual depravity is the hallmark of satanic possession so it is encouraged. Under the guise of “sex ed,” public schools groom children for sex. They are not taught that sex should be confined to marriage (i.e. love and commitment.)  Most single young people are on Tinder or a similar dating site.
The Internet has made hooking up or cheating fairly easy. We are bombarded with images of beautiful half-naked women, even if we don’t watch porn. Young women are taught to measure their value in sex appeal. They’re likely to hook up just to prove something to themselves. We have all been inducted into a society-wide sex cult.
Although most men have more self-control than Weiner, we all hear the same siren calls.  Weiner had even greater temptation because power is the ultimate aphrodisiac and attractive young women besieged him.
Despite the appearance of normality, it’s hard to believe Weiner would be a sex addict if he had satisfying sex with his wife.  It’s easier to believe that Huma Abadin turned a blind eye to his behavior, and that this was part of their “arrangement.”
Happily-married men are in a better position to resist temptation and stay faithful.

Anthony Weiner Huma Abedin_30884402_3688754_ver1.0_640_360.jpg

Why would a man stray if he had exactly what he wanted? Bad marriages are the main cause of cheating.
But good sex isn’t enough. The promise of good sex is everywhere. There must also be a loving bond that is independent of sex, a commitment to another human being.   This bond is based on many things, e.g. mutual dependence, trust, gratitude and respect. A wife who accepts her husband’s leadership will be rewarded by his love i.e. “protection.” This bond is strengthened by sexual intimacy.
A deeply felt commitment to your spouse is the best way to avoid the pitfalls of promiscuity and the fate of people like Anthony Weiner.

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