Overview: Seafloor Eruptions and Ocean Warming

Science Matters

Stephane Labrosse, Professor, ENS Lyon The oceanic heat flow shown here is computed from the age of the seafloor using the expression for an infinite half space for ages less than 100 Myr and is set equal to 48 mW m-2 for ages larger than that.

From the Unsettled Science File (h/t to Paul Homewood for posting on this subject recently)

Little attention is paid to geothermal heat fluxes warming the ocean from below, mostly because of limited observations and weak understanding about the timing and extent of eruptions.

The existence of heat rising through earth’s crust is evident to all, and the large majority of vents are under the ocean. Consider the image above, and notice at the top center is the small black island off the east coast of Greenland, right on top of the orange mid-ocean ridge. Iceland produces more than 50% of its electricity from geothermal, as well as…

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