Boxer on Clinton’s Obamacare Remarks: ‘He’s Saying It Like It Is’

tomfernandez28's Blog

BY: David Rutz

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) said Bill Clinton’s remarks criticizing Obamacare as a “crazy system” were “inartful” on Wednesday, but she also praised him for speaking from the heart and “saying it like it is.”

Asked by MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts if the comments were a gift for Donald Trump heading into his next debate with Hillary Clinton, Boxer said Bill Clinton was not actually attacking the entire law.

“Maybe he was inartful, I’ll give him that,” Boxer said. “I love him because he speaks from the heart. He’s saying it like it is. Of course we have to keep on working to make Obamacare better. Of course we have to fix the problems … The Republicans don’t want to make Obamacare better, because they want to repeal it and throw 20 million people out of the program. That’s what Donald Trump wants to do, so I’m…

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