The System Is Crumbling By Design: “Nearer We Edge Towards Financial Calamity”

Nwo Report

global-collapse-2This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at

Editor’s Comment: One of the key points here centers around the irony that the coming financial collapse will spiral out of control, and yet be triggered and steered by the insider-elite class. There are opposing sides of the coin here, as the economic squeeze will devastate the masses, and yet yield more power and wealth to the few at the top who helped engineer the crisis, and who will profit from the solutions in the aftermath.

Clearly, there is range of how out of debased things can get without losing their value in the larger system of control. As Brandon Smith notes,

“What they want is to be free to conjure crisis after crisis after crisis; to have the option to collapse the system only to replace it with something identical in nature but even more oppressive in…

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