WATCH: Video Compiles All Of The Physical Attacks On Trump Supporters

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This election season, more than any in recent memory, has been marred by violence against the supporters of a presidential candidate. On dozens of occasions, the supporters of Donald Trump have found themselves in the crosshairs of left-wing agitators, having been left bloodied and beaten by mobs of angry provocateurs.

While the media has largely ignored this phenomenon, a recent video has compiled many of the most egregious incidents, and shows the “tolerant” left in all of its ugliness.

Kim Pham

That’s what Hillary wants America is going to be, full of scum bag thugs. How sad.
Earthlink Sun
The DEMOCRATS have run the California and the California now full of Scum Bag violent and Thug. DEMOCRATS want to destroy AMERICA.
jim graham
GREAT PEOPLE !!!  I carry, they are fotunate they didnt fuck with me!  AZ for TRUMP!

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