Hillary Blasts Trump’s P word yet she loves Huma & funded IS!

tomfernandez28's Blog

Published on Oct 8, 2016
Hillary Hypocrically Blasts Trump over using the P word while she funded IS and loves Huma. So says Sean Bianca of GOPGIRL.

Rose Moore
ALL men like to Macho talk and Trump. The holier than thou behavior of hypocrites makes me sink. There is NOT a single person on planet earth who has NOT said or done something that they regret!! Let the first person throw the stone. Hiliary has covered up much WORSE things that her husband did in the past.
John Galt
It’s funny that a woman who is behind the genocide and use of ISIS and other terror groups to overthrow governments would be “offended” by the P word uttered 15 years ago. Clinton Genocides:Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Iraq,Nigeria, Bosnia, Rwanda, Afganistan, Syria, Ukraine, Sudan, Somalia, Haiti, Honduras and MORE!

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