Hillary Clinton Wall Street Speech Transcripts Leaked by Wikileaks

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Hillary Clinton’s secret speeches to Wall Street insiders at Goldman Sachs have been published by Wikileaks. Leaked emails by John Podesta, her campaign chairman, reveal excerpts from her speeches which show she is just as crooked as everyone thought.
Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. © 2016 by Mark Dice

Hatori Hanzo

At least Trump is talking like a real man. Let’s be honest, some women will surrender the pussy to men who have power and money. It’s nature that cannot be denied. Whatever Hillary does is as fake a 3 dollar bill. That was Trump 11 years ago. Hillary is a. 24-7-365 phoney!
Keep up the good work, nothing I enjoy more than watching Killary’s hole getting deeper and deeper and deeper!!! Maybe they can bury the entire Clinton Crime Family in the same hole! Stack em up……..

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