CNN: ‘Really Damaging Stuff’ in Clinton’s Leaked Wall Street Speeches

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Paul Stewart
CNN should be closed down, They are so Hillary Clinton stooges, i say fuck you CNN
Get Real
Yeah. I also say FUCK YOU CNN!
Global Warming Skeptic
lol CNN’s audience so in the bank for Hillary.
Thomas Mouser
Bill Clinton is a rapist. He was kicked out or office for lying under oath, Hillary Clinton also lied under oath, why would we let either of them back into the White House.#TrumpTheVote2016
Pete Rodriguez
Latinos for Donald Trump San Antonio Texas check out confronting congress with shell game DE SAULNIER on YouTube Tru unite with Army Psyop officer Scott Bennett whistle blower GOD bless you and your family America first👍👍👍👍👍
CNN is a joke. Report the news? No, they are little…

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