FARENTHOLD 451: Trump’s bonfire of vanities, or smoke blown in our eyes?

My thoughts exactly. Put tow blokes together in a bus through a Hollywood studio lot and they (we) would all be going “Phwaor look at that, I’d give her one!” I live in the Philippines and I have to tell you the “ladies’ here don’t hold back when it comes to discussing the “charms” of men.

The Slog.


mesnipThe Trump tape is a dirty trick played in a truly disgusting Presidential campaign. A dirty trick conceived by NBC, and grabbed by David Farenthold, a rabidly partisan anti-Trump propagandista. The real news here is not Donald Trump’s crude grossness, but the whys and wherefors of how the video has been used. Here are ten things you might not know about the circumstances involved.

Few things this year have so clearly shown the muddled hypocrisy of contemporary sexual mores quite as clearly as the Trump in Locker Room Talk fiasco.

Within three paragraphs, a Guardian writer described one thing Trump was heard saying on tape as “sexist”, “offensive” and then “boasting about sexual assault”. In a police station, I think the average detective investigating a case of attempted rape would want the complainant to be a little more specific than that. This morning, I note that Telegraph doing exactly the…

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