Intl. Civil Defence Org.: “The White Helmets are not even civil defence” in Syria



The patch of the real Syria Civil Defense.

Mike Robinson writes in the UK Column:

Later today [October 7] the Nobel Committee will announce the winner of the Peace Prize. One of the organisations in the running is the so-called White Helmets, darlings of the British Foreign Office and the BBC.

Should the White Helmets win, it would only be the latest effort by governments, NGOs and the media to promote terrorism. The fact that it is the Nobel Committee is perhaps the ultimate irony, or it would be if they hadn’t already awarded the Peace Prize to the most warlike US President in history.

Yet while it comes as no surprise that the British and US governments, the BBC and Netflix think its quite alright to promote terrorism, it did come as a shock to many that the International Civil Defence Organisation would choose to do so…

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