President Duterte: US imported terrorism to Middle East

The Ugly Truth


FROM NASHID ABDUL KHAALIQ – Many may have issues with Duterte but I have the utmost respect for him for the following reasons. (1) His fierce independence for Philippines and ridding it of crime, (2) Refusal to bow to Washington and join the other countries who are slaves to the US and (3) Devotion to serving the people of the Philippines first and foremost. I especially love his recent comments where he said:

“It is not that the Middle East is exporting terrorism to America; America imported terrorism (to the Middle East)…They forced their way into Iraq…After almost 10 years of investigation, it turned out there was no legal basis to declare war against Iraq…Look at Iraq now. Look what happened to Libya. Look what happened to Syria. Even children are being doused with gasoline…” The new president has said his foreign policy will not be dependent on the US…

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