Why Russia has been ramping up hostile action

Why Russia has been ramping up hostile action

Introduction — Oct 7, 2016

US troops en route to NATO drills in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Click to enlarge

The following CNN piece illustrates all that is wrong with the modern Western news media. Although it masquerades as journalism and pretends to take a balanced view of its subject it is propaganda pure and simple.
Like all propaganda it only presents readers with one side of the story. By pretending to answer why “Russia has been ramping up” the threat it poses CNN omits to mention precisely why. Or more specifically why the West has been upping the military stakes with Russia in recent years.
For example, NATO has plans to establish new military bases close to Russia’s western border. Located in Poland and the Baltic states, they will house 4,000 troops with an additional 40,000 troops on call and ready to be mobilised in days.
This explains what CNN describes as “Russia’s lack of restraint in pursuing its own security agenda.” It views NATO’s activity on its borders as a potential threat to its own national security.
To give some balance to this: imagine what would happen if Russia, Iran and China were to establish military bases close to the U.S. border in Canada or Mexico. Washington would undoubtedly view such moves as a threat and act accordingly. At the very least by beefing up its defences and making preparations for possible conflict.
Well this is exactly how Moscow sees NATO’s steady expansion east, as an impending threat, and it is making ready for possible conflict. As America would if it were faced by a similar circumstances. Ed.

Why Russia has been ramping up hostile action

Keir Giles — CNN Oct 7, 2016

Russia, of late, has been demonstrating not only increased confidence in its own abilities and capabilities, but also a sense of urgency in being as well prepared as possible for open conflict.

Russia’s ramping up of hostile actions reflects not so much a disregard for its international reputation, as some commentators have suggested, as an urgent concern in Moscow at the prospect of impending conflict with the West.

Each week brings startling new evidence of Russia’s lack of restraint in pursuing its own security agenda. Opinions differ on the underlying objectives, but it is almost always a mistake to look for a single reason for Russian actions.

Russia does care what the world thinks of it, but not in the same way as Western nations. Instead, it wants the world to be alarmed at the consequences of antagonizing Russia.

The increase in tempo and urgency of Russian preparations for conflict has meant leaving caution behind. The move to overt, even blatant, intelligence gathering and probing for vulnerabilities has led to the activities of Russian hackers, spies, submarines and satellites that previously were conducted in deep secrecy now being commonly reported in open media.

Targeting and intimidation of individual servicemen from NATO nations that come within Russia’s reach can be expected to increase with the stationing of NATO’s new multinational battalions in the Baltic states and Poland.

In fact, Russia sees that it is already in conflict with the West in every domain except direct and deliberate military clashes. With sanctions and “information war,” meddling in elections and referendums in the West, and disregarding or walking away from treaties and agreements, economic, intelligence, propaganda and cyber confrontation by Russian definitions are already well established.


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