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mesnip18716It’s a quickie tonight. Although it may be worth spending some time thinking about the ramifications

While I don’t buy into John Oliver’s auto-didact politics, I do think the bloke is a genius – and his take on Republican hypocrisy really nails it:

Perhaps Donald Trump is indeed “a horrible man”, but here’s a sentence uttered by the other candidate that I find infinitely more obscene:

“Can’t we just like, take this Assange guy out with a drone?”

Oliver spends a lot of his time telling the truth, but as I keep on finding in this my Third Life, it’s a quick way to lose friends. In my first life of getting educated, I learned very quickly that telling teachers and examiners the truth was a very bad idea indeed. In my second life as an advertising man, I learned that telling a client the truth was a great strategy…

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