Interesting climate sensitivity analysis: Do variations in CO2 actually cause significant global warming?

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by David Bennett Laing

In 1900, Knut Ångström concluded from a famous experiment that very little warming results from a doubling of atmospheric CO2. Although no similar experiment has been performed since, there is a simple and accurate way to tell by observing hard data from the real world. My approach in this is synthetic and not analytic, and I feel strongly that the integration of a variety of empirical data from the Earth system is essential for a good understanding of how things actually work in Nature.

Here in figure 1 is the Keeling curve, showing the steady increase in CO2 from 1959 to the present, as measured at the observatory on Mauna Loa, Hawaii:

clip_image002 Figure1 – The Keeling curve of atmospheric CO2, Mauna Loa, HI

Notice that there is an annual cycle (small squiggles) superimposed on the general increasing trend. If you average the monthly records for…

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