Pics of US jets painted in Russian colors spark Syria false flag conspiracy


[The pics supplied for this story are old, taken in the USA years ago, but the US has had fighters painted like would-be adversaries for decades.  But that doesn’t refute the concept of “false flag attacks,” they have been used by the US since the beginning.  “Operations Northwoods” stands out as the most easily proven example of this.  Odds are high that the UN aid convoy attack in Syria could have been by mis-painted “Russian” or “Syrian” aircraft, dropping bombs scavenged from the Syrian Arab Air Force.  Just another example of the Pentagon’s “intelligence-driven” warfare come to light.  Whenever such things happen, revelation of CIA plots, it is a sign that things are almost out of hand, beyond anyone’s ability to influence.  In which case, we see runaway war as a result of plots gone bad, the apparent objective of the false flag plots.  But is it really…

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