USA’s fake democracy exposed, “The Two Most Disliked Candidates in USA’s History”

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Trump, Clinton: “The Two Most Disliked Candidates in U.S. History”: The Second Presidential Debate, A Political “Telenovela” In Real TimeBy Jack Rasmus

hillary-clinton-donald-trump-5f65ef51-f483-447c-b180-cd46fcba9044The two most disliked candidates in modern U.S. election history did not disappoint U.S. voters’ low expectations of their performance in the second presidential debate held October 9 in St. Louis.

Both candidates spent most of their time attacking each other as either ‘morally unfit’ to be president, chronically prone to ‘bad judgement’, and habitual liars. Issues of real importance to voters were again, as in the first debate, altogether absent or, at best, were briefly and superficially addressed.

The continued mudslinging was fueled by the release of videos this past week, taken a decade or more ago, showing Trump bragging about his ability to sexually dominate women and making other generally extreme misogynist comments.

The videos set off a firestorm among the Republican elite over the…

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