CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Makes Crude “Penis” Joke!

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Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is on the attack after Donald J. Trump was caught using “locker room talk.”

But now, we have video of Hillary Clinton’s crude mouth!

Watch (below) as Hillary talks to famous actress and far-left activist Lena Dunham about rocker Lenny Kravitz’s penis falling out of his pants. Dunham referred to it as Kravitz’s “wardrobe malfunction.”

She asked Clinton, “Did you see the footage when his pants split?”

Clinton replied, “No, I missed that,”

“I mean, his stuff (genitals) fell out of his pants,” Dunham said.

Clinton didn’t flinch, and replied, “Yeah, you think I could get that?”

Dunham answered, “You can get that on YouTube.”

“It’s on YouTube? Good, I’ll look for that,” Clinton said.

This is a double standard, and Hillary Clinton should be ashamed!

And remember, Hillary Clinton may have the dirtiest mouth in the history of American politics:


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