Drip, Drip, Drip – Wikileaks Dumps 3rd Batch Of Podesta Emails – Clinton Vs Trump

tomfernandez28's Blog

Thank you Assange !!! Trump 2016!!!
John Taylor
It’s simple either you want a constitution or not . American sovereignty or u.n. rule . Hillary will move people out of their homes take their guns and adopted ttp sending millions of jobs out of u.s. The bubble will pop and u.s. dollars will collapse . She will also flood u.s with violent Muslim refugees and Sharia law will be mainstream.
Joao Polo
FIFTY THOUSAND E-MAILS!!!!! Crooked Hillary’s mafia should start rethinking about the use of Homing Pigeons again, then burn the letters attached to their legs after reading them.
Larry Guess
The Hillary camp is trying to get people to be concerned about the way this corruption was exposed, rather than the corruption.
Larry Guess
I was enjoying…

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