DC Leak Hours Ago Shows UNDENIABLE Proof, American History Changed FOREVER

Nwo Report

The Man That History Will Hold ResponsibleAlex Cooper

The Department of Justice has just dropped all charges against the man responsible for selling arms to rebels in Libya during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. The weapons would then go on to be used to topple the Middle Eastern country; Hillary Clinton has the blood of countless patriots on her hands. Brave men such as Ambassador Chris Stevens and CIA Operative Tyrone Woods were denied an extra security detail and ultimately died during the assault.

Marc Turi, the arms dealer involved in the scandal, was offered a contract that would absolve him from all international and federal crimes. Experts have reported that a large percentage of the weapons sold ended up in the hands of radicalized jihadists in mere days after the deal was conducted.

Federal lawyers from the Department of Justice…

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