Oklahoma Congressman Denounces Paul Ryan, “If He’s not for Trump, I’m Not for Ryan”

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Hooray for Congressman Jim Bridenstine from Oklahoma, who stood up to traitor and Hillary shill, Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan, who is suspected of helping, or at least KNOWING about the “HIT” on Donald Trump, where 11-year-old “guy talk” tapes were released, has turned his back on the Republican nominee in a career-ending move.

Ryan, who insiders say, believed that Trump would step down, claimed that he could no longer “defend” Trump – as if this clown has ever “defended Trump.

No, he’s too busy defending Hillary and Obama to defend the guy in his own party.

Bridenstine said that if Paul Ryan did not believe in Trump, then he did not believe in Paul Ryan.

Jim, we agree.

And if you also agree, please sign our petition demanding that Paul Ryan step down as Speaker of The House.

Sign that petition here.


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