Putin confirms terrorist groups behind the bombing of Aleppo UN convoy but was it coordinated with the USA?

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Putin knows who bombed the Aleppo UN convoy, and now he’s talking

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that terrorist groups operating in the area were behind the Aleppo UN convoy attack

Many differing theories based on differing evidence concluded that the convoy was either bombed by a US Hellfire Drone or via jihadist terrorists backed by the US on the ground. Unfortunately US “diplomats” placed the blame for the convoy attack on Russia almost immediately after the incident…without evidence and without merit, as always.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the VTB forum “Russia is calling”….

“We see what’s happening. It’s just baseless accusations that Russia is the cause of all mortal sins. But we know who attacked this humanitarian convoy. This was one of the terrorist groups. And we know that the US is well aware of this. But they prefer to blame Russia. This won’t help.” 


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