Trump supporter Cheney. Website for this image Cartoon by darkblack

Who gains from having a president who can be blackmailed?

“‘Character counts.’

“That was the evangelicals’ rallying cry in their all-out assault against Bill Clinton beginning in 1993.”

“Many evangelical leaders have endorsed the draft-dodging, foul-mouthed, honesty-challenged womanizer named Donald Trump for president.”

Evangelical Christian Leaders Who Support Trump.


In The Art of the Deal, Trump bragged about bedding multiple married women.

The televangelist Pat Robertson told Trump recently, ‘You inspire us all.’

Michael Aquino is supporting Trump.

“Like fools, we expect salvation from the deep state’s cynical puppets.”

The Deep State’s Candidate?

Trump supporter Paul Vallely.

One of Donald Trump’s chief supporters is Paul E. Vallely

Vallely co-authored a 1980 paper with then PSYOP analyst Michael Aquino entitled From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory. 

Paul E. Vallely, Major General, 351st Civil Affairs Commander (1982–86), Deputy Commanding General, Pacific Command, Military Committee Chairman for the Center for Security Policy[232].

Vallely is a supporter of the Jerusalem Summit organization and an advocate of the organization’s proposal to “relocate”/”resettle” Palestine and the Palestinian people to surrounding Arab countries as a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Vallely blasted allegations of detainee abuse at Guantanamo as “myths of the left-wing press”.

Who gains from having a president who can be blackmailed?

Rupert Murdoch’s Fox news.


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