Watch This US Official Struggle to Justify Double Standard for Saudi Bombings

Raging Bull-shit

Asked to explain difference between Saudi airstrikes in Yemen and Russian airstrikes in Syria, State Department spokesperson struggles to answer

“Well,” Kirby responded before taking a long pause (Screenshot)

A State Department official on Tuesday struggled to answer why the U.S. has condemned Russian bombings in Syria for causing civilian deaths while simultaneously aiding the Saudi Arabia-led campaign in Yemen, which has done the same.

State Department spokesperson John Kirby faltered during a press conference in Washington, D.C. when Associated Press reporter Matt Lee said, “Over the weekend there was this air strike on a funeral by the Saudi-led coalition. I was just wondering: does the administration see any difference between this kind of thing, and what you accuse the Russians, Syrians, and the Iranians of doing in Syria, and particularly Aleppo?”

“Well,” Kirby responded before taking a long pause. Then he…

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