At the End of the Day

The Slog.

mesnip30716Exactly 950 years ago today, a crooked monarch with a false claim to the English crown called Harold suffered a Norman arrow through his eye. The missile penetrated his brain and caused almost instant death. William the Conqueror thus won the Battle of Hastings, a town that spent most of the next millennium failing to rise above the level of toilet. It still has 50 years to put this right, and local estate agents tell me it is “on the up”. So by 2066 it may make it to Motorway Service Station. We can but hope.

On a brighter note, the military exchange led to linguistic development and quite a bit of shagging. Today, some 45% of Brits have Norman DNA. This beats the DNA ravishing inputs from Eriks and Hermanns into a poor second place at 30%. But the links between Normande French and Anglo-Saxon language forms far outweigh…

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