PHILIPPINES: China pledges ‘ Economic and Military ‘ support for PM Dutertes as latest threat over being treated as a doormat actions all joint ‘ South China Sea ‘ patrols to be stopped and all troops to leave the country forthwith – @AceNewsServices

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Oct.14: This is an update on PM Dutertes’ breakup with Obama and request to remove all US marines from the country PHILIPPINES: Advises Washington that Joint Military Drills and Naval Exercises with will be put on hold according to defence secretary on Friday – @AceNewsServices
China pledges to help with Philippines’ economic and social development ahead of President Duterte’s visit, foreign minister says – Xinhua-
‘Do not treat us like a doormat, you’ll be sorry for it’ – Philippines President Duterte to US
Preview Plans for joint US-Philippines patrols and naval exercises in the disputed South China Sea have been put on hold, and 107 US troops operating drones surveilling Muslim militants will also have to leave the country soon, the Philippines Defense chief said

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