FBI revolt reportedly building against Comey letting Hillary’s obvious violations of Espionage Act go unprosecuted

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211It’s well past time that F.B.I Director is put under oath and testify before the House judiciary committee under penalty of perjury.

sack_cartoon_behind_the_scenes_at_the_bill_clinton_loretta_lynch_meeting_m5Under a constitutionally driven republic, the rules can’t be different from those who govern and those they oversee.

Think about it, Slick shows up and has a chat with Loretta Lynch, Obama’s attorney general, what was that all about?

If there is any justice, they all must be tried and when convicted be sent to prison.

The likelihood of that happening during the corrupt Obama administration is ZERO !

1726b8The American Thinker

October 15, 2016

James Comey’s nightmare scenario is starting to unfold.

The American public’s belief in the integrity of the FBI has cratered.  Over half of Americans already disagreed with Director James Comey’s decision to not recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton, after laying out a clear case against her. 

The FBI is extraordinarily…

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