In Search of the Second Amendment

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2ndamendmentWhile the American right to arms has for a century been controversial in courts, scholarship, and the popular press, its history has never before been explored by a documentary. ‘In Search of the Second Amendment‘ is the first documentary on the history of the American right to arms. Twelve law professors, including four of the biggest names in Constitutional Law, lay out the history of the individual right.

In Search of the Second Amendmentis based on the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. It was produced and directed by American author and attorney David T. Hardy. He argues the individual rights model of the Second Amendment. Hardy also discusses the Fourteenth Amendment.

Outline of the documentary (see documentary below):

How Did You Become Interested in the Second Amendment?
  • Legal Scholarship and the Second Amendment
England and the Militia
  • Duty to be Armed

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