Torrent Files Aren’t Safe Anymore – They have RAUM Malware

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Torrent Files Aren’t Safe Anymore – They have RAUM Malware

Source: InfoArmorHackread

A security company, Info Armor, has discovered that a tool known as RAUM is spreading malware. The company released a report stating that the malware is targeting popular torrent files.

For those who are wondering what difference this makes when torrents are already illegal, sorry to disappoint, but the torrent files themselves are not illegal nor is the softwares’ that make use of these files, such as uTorrent and BitTorrent. These are only a means to download those files from a host machine to yours.

Image Source: InfoArmor – A screenshot of the backend system for managing the malicious torrents.

Torrents can be found via many websites hosting those files, such as KickAss Torrents or the Pirate Bay. These files allow the users to share video clips, music, games, e-books, among other data. If you are a frequent torrent user, then you can tell the difference between the genuine…

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