And Now… Wikileaks Presents First of Obama’s Secret Emails: “Could There Be Corruption?”

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obama_phone_femaThis article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

Editor’s Comment: The plot thickens. If nothing else, this election has been extra interesting because we get to see in the inner workings of a government that prefers to do its dealings in secret, that routinely lies to the people and even pays for fake news propaganda. Whatever they reveal, it may be too late to save the country though?

How many emails exposing Hillary’s corruption would have to pile up before it would make a difference in the election outcome? Let me count the ways…

Wikileaks Releases First Batch Of Emails Sent To And From President Obama’s Secret Email Address

by Tyler Durden

Just when it seemed we could not get any more email leak excitement, here comes Wikileaks with what it claims is the first batch of emails obtained from a secret address used…

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