Vote For Clinton is a Vote for War — Friends of Syria

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Friends of Syria


 As we have witnessed time and time again, just how heartless this woman is, who will stop at nothing for power and money, in the most evil way.
There is no doubt that this woman will not only continue to keep the US in a state of war, with her statements that she is going to topple Assad and attack Iran.
Some people are under the delusion that only men want war and a woman leader will support peace. How wrong they are, with Margaret Thatcher taking Britain to war with Argentina, over the Falkland Islands. Madeleine Albright justifying the killing over over 500,000 children and Hillary Clinton laughing at the butchering of Muammar Gaddafi. You are probably unaware that before she killed him, she killed his grandchildren in a US attack on their house. The very next morning they claimed to have killed Osama Bin Laden…

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