COVER-UP: ‘Black Hawk Down’, The Real Story – By Jeremy Kuzmarov (Flashback)


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“…Unbeknownst to most Americans, the United States had helped to create the conditions that produced unrest….The U.S. assisted Barre with intelligence and shipped 1,200 M-16 assault rifles and 2.8 million rounds of ammunition. 1988, Barre’s legions leveled the northern city of Hargeisa and killed 60,000 in an effort to suppress an Isaaq clan based rebellion”:

(Black Hawk Down: The Real Story – By Jeremy Kuzmarov)

Last week marked the twentieth anniversary of the infamous Black Hawk Down incident where Somali militia fighters loyal to Mohammed Farah Aidid shot down two American helicopters using rocket-propelled grenades. Mobs then hacked the fallen pilots to death with machetes and dragged their mutilated bodies through the streets as trophies.

To mark the anniversary, 60 Minutes aired a segment focused on efforts by two private American security contractors to recover remnants of the helicopter that had been shot down, while…

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