Russian Lt. General: “We’re Teetering on the Brink of War” with the United States

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navy-warship-fleetDelivered by The Daily Sheeple

If American media is being tight-lipped about the threat of potential nuclear war with Russia over the West’s insistence of regime change in and illegal occupation of Syria, Russian and international media is all over it.

Take Pravda for example. Top headlines include:

USA wants to turn the world into controlled chaos, but fails

Belgium lies, accusing Russia of lies, as US puppets do

Putin prepares bitter and hysterical missile surprise to ‘American partners’

The Pravda editorial, “Geopolitical Chess: Game, set and match to Russia,” actually begins with:

The Russian Federation has won the fifteen-year geopolitical chess match with the west. However, Moscow could be described as an unwilling victor because it never envisaged a situation in which it would be forced to outsmart its “partners” just to survive. The idea at the turn of the century was something totally different.

The West…

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