Electronic Voting Machines Caught Switching Trump Votes To Hillary: “Trying to Steal Texas”

Nwo Report

electionThis article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at Economic Collapse blog.

Editor’s Comment: In particular with electronic voting, the opportunity to flip votes and steal elections is almost unstoppable and will be very difficult to hold accountable. Nonetheless, that is exactly what activists in Texas and other key states should focus on. After decades of solid “red state” status, they are now talking openly about Hillary winning the Lone Star State and flipping it blue… despite being perhaps the most despised, unlikable and untrustworthy presidential candidate in modern history.

Take a look at the electoral college, and the shades of ‘blue and red states’ as things have been… if Team Hillary is able to steal Texas, there will be no way for Trump to win 270 electoral college, even if he wins Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and other swing states. Perhaps this has been their secret weapon…

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