NARCO-POLITIK: ‘Silver Opium’, The Anglo-American Axis and the Eastern Revenge


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“…If you simply remove opium or change it’s name to US Dollars you will see that nothing has changed. The heroin addicts now live on Wall Street and trade Treasury Bonds for manufactured goods out of China. The opium war still rages, but the suppliers and destinations have changed. The magnitude has changed, but the over-lords are still the same”:

(Silver opium – The Eastern revenge)

The same play-book is being used against you today

silver coin, china, panda coin
Eric Golub/Flickr

TDC Note – Originally published in 2014. With the explosion of heroin in the U.S., and around the world, it seems appropriate to look at some of the history and where the problem originates.

When I began to explore the opium wars, which began in the early 1700’s and came into full view in the early 1800’s, Britain, France and the United States, had taken full aim at China…

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