Once Again, US Forces Relocate Endangered Terrorists–this time in Mosul


[Whenever the key actors in the popular psyop are in real danger from US or foreign forces, NATO helicopters, or black helicopters arrive in the nick of time to evacuate the endangered terrorist assets to new staging areas–(Afghan president: Unknown helicopters transfer rebels to Northern Afghanistan ; Gen. Beg Claims US Helicopter Flew Hakeemullah to Safety ; Chinese Press Reports NATO Incursion In N. Waziristan, Helicopters Take Pakistan Taliban Leaders To Afghanistan)]

US ‘Relocated’ ISIS Terrorists Out Of Iraq, Into Syria To Fight Assad

zero hedge

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Submitted by Vaughan Famularo via TheDuran.com,

As the Iraqi military with US support closes in on Mosul it is becoming clear that the US plan is to transfer the ISIS troops defending the city to Syria as part of the regime change plan there.

The Russian news media RIA Novosti, has revealed that US and Saudi leaders have decided to

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