As “Snoopers Charter” becomes law, one ISP is showing how state surveillance can be bypassed



The Investigatory Powers Bill, or ‘Snooper’s Charter‘, is about to become law. This will make legal the mass surveillance technologies that UK agency GCHQ and its partners have deployed for the last decade or more, as revealed by Edward Snowden. The Canary has already published a guide to help individuals, such as bloggers and online journalists, to protect themselves against state or commercial predators. Now a UK company called Brass Horn intends to go one step further, and provide a comprehensive anti-surveillance service to anyone – individuals, organisations and businesses.

It’s not surprising that many internet users, especially bloggers and political activists, may want to find out in simple terms how to be safe online from predators such as ‘Big Brother’, consumer organisations, and those who simply wish to steal identities. Now is the time to act. But finding the right technology and advice is not always that…

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