FOOD FRAUD: The Agro-Politic’s of Food and Fascism


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“…While banks were bailed out without hesitation during the 2008 financial crisis, financial assistance to low income Americans continues to be cut. Wall Street and London see the Eurasian Bloc of Russia and China as a rising competitor to their financial hegemony. The wealthy financial elite largely support sanctions and further isolation of both countries despite whatever disastrous impact on American farmers, agricultural workers, and food distributors”:

(Fascism Over Farmers? The Troubling Priorities of the American Government – By Caleb Maupin)

US Foods Holding Corporation and Sysco, the two top American food distribution giants, are laying off thousands of workers. Wal-Mart is closing stores and terminating employees. As the price of eggs, beef, cheese, and almost all agricultural products have dropped, farmers across the United States are facing financial ruin.

The ongoing glut in agricultural products is not merely the natural cycle of the market at…

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