Neocon Democrats’ Smear Against Trump as ‘Putin’s Puppet’


by Eric Zuesse

On November 1st, The Intercept headlined  “Here’s the problem with the story connecting Russia to Donald Trump’s email server”, and the reporting team of Sam Biddle, Lee Fang, Micah Lee, and Morgan Marquis-Boire, revealed that:

Slate’s Franklin Foer published a story that’s been circulating through the dark web and various newsrooms since summertime, an enormous, eyebrow-raising claim that Donald Trump uses a secret server to communicate with Russia. That claim resulted in an explosive night of Twitter confusion and misinformation. The gist of the Slate article is dramatic — incredible, even: Cybersecurity researchers found that the Trump Organization used a secret box configured to communicate exclusively with Alfa Bank, Russia’s largest commercial bank. This is a story that any reporter in our election cycle would drool over, and drool Foer did.”

The Intercept team concluded their detailed analysis of the evidence by saying:

Could it be that Donald Trump used one of his shoddy empire’s spam marketing machines, one…

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