Carbon Recycling

Science Matters

Clive Best has done a great (the Best?) post on a complicated topic: Earth’s cycling of carbon, especially CO2 through natural sinks and sources, including humans burning fossil fuels. I have read many posts and papers on this, along with long argumentative threads, hoping against hope I could understand and write something half as clear as he has done.

The article is Carbon Recyling at his blog (here)

Some Excerpts to encourage you to go and read the whole thing:

If you sum up all the sources and sinks then you find that about half man-made emissions are being absorbed each year. That means that only about half of the CO2 emitted by humans remains in the atmosphere. The strange thing is that this ratio hasn’t changed at all in 50 years, despite rapid increases in emissions.

Today we are emitting about twice as much carbon dioxide as we did 30…

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