Assange Comes Forward with Announcement on Trump and Russia

Nwo Report

Assange: Russia NOT the Source of LeaksSource: Damon Morgan

The Clinton camp has been desperately trying to distract public attention from shady dealings exposed in the campaign’s leaked emails, focusing on the source of the leaks instead of the corruption they revealed.

In the final presidential debate, Clinton emphatically stated that 17 different intelligence agencies have concluded that the leaks are coming from the highest levels of the Russian government. She charged that Vladimir Putin is interfering with the US election, in a bid to help Donald Trump win the White House. She also made the bizarre claim that Trump has encouraged Russians to hack into our government.


Fact checks showed Hillary’s “17 agencies” claim to be a flat out lie. She is referring to a statement released by Obama appointee James Clapper, who serves as Director of National Intelligence. In that joint statement with the Dept. of Homeland Security, Clapper stated “The U.S. Intelligence…

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