CODE RED: Hillary Clinton Calling For Civil War If Trump Is Elected

Nwo Report

img_7267Source: Lindsay Hayward

Former president, Bill Clinton, allowed rangers to die in Somalia because he wouldn’t send air support. There were actually 4,417 military deaths from 1993-1996 alone under the reign of Clinton. He obviously rubbed off on his wife for not having any respect at all for our brave men and women in uniform.

Hillary also denied air support to soldiers in Benghazi who died horrific deaths while she was Secretary of State.

Ambassador Chris Stevens was brutally beaten to death and murdered in Benghazi, his lifeless body dragged throughout streets of full-fledged violence, terrorists cheering and applauding. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and President Obama did nothing.

Except for blame the tragedy on a video at the victims’ military funeral ceremony as their coffins crossed in front of the stage, where Hillary Clinton stood.

It was a terrorist attack- the attack came in two separate waves, including…

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