USA, Coups, Counter Coups and Child Sexual AbU$e

cathy fox blog on child abuse

As the United States nears an election in 3 days, the lid is being blown off crimes surrounding presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and amongst them, her connections to child sexual abuse.

Information is coming so thick and fast it is difficult to keep up. The information may be so bizarre to some who have not followed the sordid details of organised child sexual abuse, that they suffer from cognitive disonance and cannot believe it.

Some background is also required.

Much of information being released, is being published by Julian Assange and Wikileaks on the Wikileaks website [14] and via twitter @wikileaks. He is releasing about 50,000 emails to and from John Podesta who is Hilary Clintons campaign Chairman and was Bill Clintons Chief of Staff when President. He has also released about 30,000 of Hilary Clintons emails when she was Secretary of State.

These emails have been given to Wikileaks…

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