Democrats Have Been Blaming Trump For Violence Entire Race…Until THIS Happened

Nwo Report


The evil shadow of violence has lingered over this election. Democrats would have you believe that it is because of Trump’s supporters. They have pointed the finger at Donald Trump himself, saying he incites anger and violence in people with his speeches.

Instead of calling for speculation, we must look at the facts. Hillary’s supporters were the ones in the headlines during this campaign. Starting fights, destroying signs, disrupting peaceful rallies. As the political season raced along, the true nature of the Democrats couldn’t be concealed.

They were unable to deny what we were seeing unfold in front of us. Despite repeated denials, there were witness statements, confessions, and even videos to corroborate the truth.

Students at UCLA say they have witnessed the violence themselves, Haley Nieves said protesters crashed one of their pro-Trump…

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