Saudi Oil Company Worked DIRECTLY With Hillary And Podesta To Grow ISIS

Nwo Report

clinton-isisSource: Allison Hillman 

Democrats, especially Hillary and her campaign, have been exposed as liars, hypocrites, and even criminals during this election process. While we may be breathing a sigh of relief that she will not be our next President, she and her advisers continue to be a threat to national security.

Hillary Clinton lost and we narrowly escaped finding out what sort of destruction she could have done in 4 years in the White House.

A Hillary cabinet would have certainly included John Podesta. Former Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, he served as Hillary’s campaign chairman. His long relationship with and continued devotion to the Clintons would have secured him a vital position in the White House.

Podesta has been on the political front for many years. Ironically he has always been an opponent t of excessive classification regarding government documents. In a 2004 speech…

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