Vidrebel Has Been Cited As A Vile Anti-Semitic Blog.

Must try harder…

Video Rebel's Blog

The Times of Israel sent an undercover reporter online for 24 hours. He came back with a list of 23 vile Anti-Semitic websites. I can proudly say I was one of them. But I think their reporter must have spent most of his time ogling Gentile babes on the Internet because he missed a lot of the Nazis. Nazis since WW II have been defined by Judaism Incorporated as anyone who resists the New World Order which by the way insists on killing 5 to 6 billion or more of those pesky Gentiles. Too bad for the Goyim. But who cares what happens to people who aren’t Jewish. Well, I do.

I have posted their list below. I seriously doubt of any of the alleged Anti-Semites on that list are real Nazis. In fact some are Jewish and believe that Israel is a band of criminal fanatics. To be fair the…

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